IT security and high-performance communication for modern administration

The New Generation of Network Drive Encryption

The comprehensive protection of confidential information plays an increasingly important role in today's global world and is a great challenge for every modern administration and authority. Our encryption software, HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services, encodes data on network drives and provides shared access to all protected files and folders, providing the highest level of confidentiality for sensitive data. No matter where you store your documents, with HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services you hold the key to the security of your data in your own hands.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Connection to existing user administration without media discontinuity
  • workflow integration
  • script-based control possible
  • central management of all encrypted shares - even without PKI
  • fully scalable
  • safe and intuitive separation of responsibilities
  • very comfortable single sign-on to HiCrypt shares
  • meets high safety requirements
  • auditable
  • creates managed confidentiality

Who benefits from the encryption solution?

  • Authorities
  • administrative centres
  • Public institutions

Our sales team will be happy to advise you on how to use our solution to encrypt your network drives. We are at your disposal by phone at +49 371 81539-0 or by e-mail at or would be happy to visit you personally.

End authentication frustration

Strong passwords make it difficult for hackers, but create frustration for users and support effort when typing several times. Secure Logon™ 2.0 solves these challenges simply and effectively.

The solution is a 2-factor authentication system that provides for user login by combining a SecurityToken as the first factor and a PIN as the second factor. The parallel use of hardware of any type and number, such as smartcards, is possible, whereby there are no limits to the possible applications.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Modern 2-factor authentication even without PKI
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient login to the system
  • Easy unlocking of your KeePass database ("KeePass ready")
  • Fast authentication of processes
  • Easy integration - 1 to 1,000e workstations
  • Additional identities can be stored on the SecurityToken
  • Increased security by blocking or logging off the PC by removing the SecurityToken
  • 25 years of consulting competence
  • Software Made in Germany

Who benefits from the authentication solution?

  • Authorities
  • administrative centres
  • Public institutions

We will be happy to work closely with you from the development of the solution to the implementation of your 2-factor authentication software. Simply call us at +49 371 81539-0 or write to us at

Here you can put us and our solution through their paces.

Powerful communication for modern administration

Our unified massaging solution digitronic UMS 7.2 combines different communication services in a familiar user interface (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) - without any media discontinuity. Whether fax as a basic service, SMS or voice messages, with digitronic UMS 7.2 you can send and receive your messages conveniently from your familiar messaging system. You alone manage incoming and outgoing messages in your mailbox. An intuitively recognizable symbolism makes it easy to differentiate between message types.

Everything under one roof:

  • Fax2Mail: Receiving and sending faxes in your messaging system
  • SMS Service: Receiving and sending short messages
  • Voice messaging: Use your e-mail box as your personal answering machine
  • E-Mail-Reading: Reading aloud of e-mail texts

Who benefits from the Unified Massaging solution?

  • Authorities
  • administrative centres
  • Public institutions
  • Companies using different communication services (fax, SMS, answering machine, e-mail)

Digitized office management without media discontinuity

Tired of sending, receiving and managing your messages at different levels of communication? Early in the morning, the answering machine is intercepted by the central office and the messages are forwarded to the relevant departments. Your fax comes from the classic fax machine, which is currently suffering from a paper jam and an SMS is sent via an internal mobile phone.

Switch now to a modern, secure and digitized office administration without media disruption. With our Unified Massaging solution digitronic UMS 7.2, workflows can be made more effective and efficient and bureaucracy reduction can be driven forward. This saves time and money.

We will be happy to advise you on +49 371 81539-0 or send us an e-mail.

Formal communication for authorities

For over 25 years digitronic has been developing and refining software solutions for the secure communication of authorities and companies.

The WinTelex EP software was developed in cooperation with the Saxon Police. This software ensures the reliable and audit-proof transmission of messages between police stations and other public institutions. In addition, other tools complement WinTelex EP and thus create security for authorities and disaster control. WinTelex EP is a software specially designed for the requirements of formal police communication according to PDV 810 and 810.1. It offers a variety of transmission paths, security against third-party dial-in and the constant traceability of all actions.

This is what WinTelex offers you:

  • Formal communication according to the regulations and rules of PDV 810.1 to the branch offices (through an extended formal address system)
  • Provision of a central, audit-proof journal of all types of communication with automatic archive function
  • Technically configurable as main exchange, node exchange or terminal system (mixed operation possible in EPOST 810 environments from other manufacturers)
  • Support of large service stations and situation-dependent mobile deployment scenarios
  • Provision of the operating modes "clerk principle" and "service-related tax office".
  • Possible extensions in message format by providing fields for "Availability", "Supplements", etc.
  • Access to branch office mailboxes and creation of messages with the help of the WEB client (no installation effort at the client)
  • Use of the Federal Directory of Agencies
  • High data access security and availability through option of decentralized data storage on several MTAs distributed throughout the federal state
  • High data transmission security due to automatic fallback to alternative transmission paths (UMTS, ISDN, modem) as well as direct communication and alternative routing circuits between the MTAs (integrated emergency concept)
  • Integrated delivery of short messages by SMS
  • Integrated delivery of formal messages by fax, central reception of fax per MTA and direct delivery of incoming faxes to branch office mailboxes based on postcode.
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