Information security for automotive sector

With our all-in-one-solution for IT security we offer a secure, convenient and user-friendly login to IT systems and applications for the automotive sector. What can the digital security package do for you?

  • secure authentication and cryptographic security for critical IT systems
  • the protection of confidential design data (e.g. prototype data) is guaranteed
  • strong 2-factor authentication for secure and convenient logon to operating systems and applications
  • support many different tokens
  • encryption of sensitive data on network drives, in standard or enterprise versions, for your IT infrastructure of any size

Who benefits from the solution?

  • supplier for automobile manufacturers
  • everyone who needs to have information security checked by TISAX according to VDA ISA

Why is digital security so important in automotive?

If, as a supplier, you have to exchange design data worth protecting with automobile manufacturers, you also have to have the information security in your company regularly checked according to VDA ISA as a prerequisite for cooperation. In the meantime, these checks are carried out across manufacturers via your participation in TISAX.

Depending on the defined degree of protection of the data to be exchanged, differentiated requirements (controls) must be fulfilled, including the secure storage of the data and the requirement for secure access to the IT infrastructure and to the stored data.

What we can do for you

We support you with requirement conformity and stable software solutions that have been developed for more than 15 years.

Our All-In-One Security Packages combine these technologies with on-site support services. We will be happy to work closely with you from the development of the solution to its implementation.

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