Digital security for healthcare sector

With our all-in-one-solution for IT security we offer a secure, convenient and user-friendly login to IT systems and applications in the medical environment. What can the digital security package do for you?

  • secure authentication and cryptographic security for critical IT systems
  • ensure the confidentiality of personal data
  • strong 2-factor authentication for secure and convenient logon to operating systems and applications
  • support fast user switching
  • encryption of sensitive data on network drives, in standard or enterprise versions, for your IT infrastructure of any size

Who benefits from the solution?

  • operators of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) in the healthcare sector
  • IT managers in hospitals, medical care centers, etc.

Why is digital security so important in healthcare?

In hardly any other sector are there such high demands on information security as in the health sector. The protection of highly sensitive patient data is not the only focus here. As an operator of critical infrastructures (KRITIS), you are particularly affected because by June 2019 you will have to secure critical IT systems, components and processes against disruptions to availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality by taking appropriate precautions in accordance with the latest technology and provide the BSI with the relevant proof.

Until the industry-specific security standards (B3S) binding for the health sector have been adopted, the guidance on content and requirements for the B3S of all sectors developed by the BSI can serve as a guideline in accordance with § 8a (2) BSIG: It calls for "secure authentication" and "cryptographic security (data in rest, data in motion)" for critical IT systems.

What we can do for you

We combine our requirement-compliant software solutions with decades of experience in adapting them to your specific requirements. We are your competent partner when it comes to the implementation of your HIS, RIS and PACS into a single sign-on solution.

We also remain by your side from the solution development to the implementation if you want to implement measures for the GDPR-compliant protection of highly sensitive patient and personal data by means of encryption.

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