Protection of personal data (EU GDPR)

With our All-In-One Security Packages you meet the requirements of the GDPR for encrypted storage of personal data. The technical measures to be implemented can be seamlessly integrated into existing information security concepts and complement them.

  • secure authentication and cryptographic security for critical IT systems
  • ensure the confidentiality of personal data
  • strong 2-factor authentication for secure and convenient logon to operating systems and applications
  • support fast user switching
  • encryption of sensitive data on network drives, in standard or enterprise versions, for your IT infrastructure of any size

Who benefits from the solution?

  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Any company that stores and processes personal data, even if it is only employee data.

Why is the protection of personal data so important?

In times of increasing digitalization, the protection of confidential information is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) calls for a special protection of personal data, which must be ensured by means of appropriate technical and organizational measures (TOM) in the storage, processing and transfer of data.

Your company also possesses such data, even if it is only that of its own employees. Protecting this data is and will continue to be a major competitive advantage, as adequate data protection is a tough criterion not only for employees, but also for existing and future customers as to whether they choose to work for or against your company.

Suitable solutions are measures that guarantee the confidentiality of stored personal data. Since the pseudonymization or anonymization of such data is in many cases at odds with the purpose of processing, encryption solutions are particularly suitable, namely those which also exclude administrators and IT service providers from access to the content of the encrypted data. If you also secure access to the encrypted files using two-factor authentication, you can significantly increase the level of protection and ease of use.

What we can do for you

We support you with requirement conformity and stable software solutions that have been developed for more than 15 years. Our All-In-One Security Packages combine these technologies with on-site support services. We will be happy to work closely with you from the development of the solution to its implementation.

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