About us

Our guiding principle…

digitronic© is a trusted partner for both companies and government agencies – we are a German software developer and provider of customised and investment-safe communication-, encryption- and login-solutions in a professional environment.

Our solutions

We develop our high-quality solutions in a customer-focused and future-oriented manner. Due to the fact that we take the individual needs of our clients into account, our range of services as well as our wealth of experience keeps on increasing continually.

Our clients

Our clients are at the center of our efforts, and we focus on reliability and efficiency. Thanks to our inventiveness and professional expertise, we successfully overcome even the hardest challenges.

Our team

Our team is always looking for practical solutions through creative and smart ideas. Thus, they are the most important link between our clients and our solutions. Every team member works towards the overall success of the company, and thus strives for high-quality individual task fulfilment. The working environment is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation.

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