digitronic provides free licenses for secure work in the home office

Chemnitz, 17.03.2020

Gratis-Lizenzen für die sichere Arbeit im Homeoffice

Suddenly all employees are in the home office and the project files should still be stored safely from unauthorized access? No matter whether you are already a customer of our encryption software HiCrypt™ or not: For your employees who now have to work from home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), you can quickly and easily download HiCrypt™ licenses for *30 days free of charge and use our security software to its full extent. Should the crisis last longer, we are happy to provide the licenses beyond the 30 days for a processing fee on request.
→ Click here for the download area.

If you need additional software support for managing your work processes or similar, please contact us and describe your situation. We are an experienced, flexible, well-connected software developer and always look beyond the horizon. Together we can look for the best solution for you and your company. Simply contact our sales team on +49 371 81539-0 or by e-mail to

Stay strong and healthy! Your digitronic team.

Review of the RSA Conference in San Francisco

Chemnitz, 04.03.2020

digitronic auf RSAC 2020

A fantastic fair was successfully completed. We had an unforgettable time in San Francisco at the RSA Conference. Thanks to the IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) for the excellent organization, thanks to our interested parties for the exciting discussions and the keen interest in our IT security solutions and thanks to Cryptshare for beeing such a great booth neighbour!

This year the RSA Conference took place from 24.02. to 27.02.2020 in San Francisco. It is considered the leading international trade fair for IT security.

You could not visit us or need further information? Simply send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 371 - 815390.





Stop password hassle! Meet digitronic® at the RSA in San Francisco

San Francisco, February 24, 2020:

digitronic at RSA

Press release:

digitronic® announced today that the manufacturer of IT security solutions from Germany will present its new SmartToken solution for the first time at the RSA conference in San Francisco. With this new SmartToken for Secure Logon™, a safe sign-in to the operating system is even faster - without additional hardware such as smart cards or other tokens.

"We are very proud that our new SmartToken solution represents a further step towards efficient working in the age of digitization while ensuring the highest level of confidentiality," says Matthias Kirchhoff, CEO of digitronic®. He continues: "User acceptance for the consistent use of IT security solutions within the corporate structure stands and falls with the user-friendliness of the solution. Here we always try to be a pioneer and align our solutions to the needs of the users. The step to use smartphones as tokens for 2-factor authentication was therefore only logical".

About the RSA Conference:

This year, the RSA Conference will take place from 24.02. to 27.02.2020 in San Francisco. It is considered the leading international trade fair for IT security.

About digitronic®:

digitronic®, founded in 1991, is a leading partner for companies and public authorities. The company is a German software developer and provider of customized IT security products - especially communication, encryption and login solutions in the professional environment.

For the third time digitronic® will be represented at the RSA Conference in San Francisco as a participant of the joint stand "German Pavilion" initiated by the German IT Security Association TeleTrusT. You are also welcome to make an appointment directly at the stand. Simply use the contact form.

Press contact:

Isabel Dahl

Rent IT security clever and flexible - the choice is yours

Chemnitz, 10.02.2020

IT-Sicherheit clever und flexibel mieten

For our All-In-One-Compliance Packages, we now offer you exactly the license model that suits you and your requirements. Choose between the liquidity-saving software rental or the one-time purchase license, which allows for activation as an asset.

At you can see what costs you will incur for which number of licenses. The packages mentioned are examples of calculations. An extension of the licenses is flexibly possible in steps of 5. All packages - whether purchase or rental model - include all hardware and software components for the number of workstations mentioned, which are necessary for the jointly developed solution. They also include rollout support (consulting, testing) to the extent specified. Floating licenses are available on request. 


digitronic at the Project Networks event "IT & Information Security"

Chemnitz, 29.11.2019

digitronic at the Project Networks Event "IT & Information Security"

On November 26th and 27th digitronic® was at the Project Networks event "IT & Information Security" in Berlin to present our IT security solutions to decision makers from various industries - including health insurance companies and insurance companies, university hospitals and clinics, energy providers, universities, public authorities and corporations. Our all-in-one compliance packages for improving information security as "all-round carefree packages" met with particular interest. The packages include our encryption solution HiCrypt™, our 2-factor authentication Secure Logon™ as well as security tokens and support services such as consulting, tests, etc.

We look back with satisfaction on two successful days with exciting discussions and thank you for your interest. After a short breather, we are already looking forward to the RSA Conference in February next year in San Francisco.


That was the it-sa 2019 in Nuremberg

Chemnitz, 11.10.2019

Das war die it-sa 2019 in Nürnberg

From 08.10. - 10.10.2019 digitronic® was at the it-sa in Nuremberg and presented at the TeleTrusT joint stand the latest technologies in the field of network drive encryption and 2-factor authentication.

Especially our new development HiCryptTM Enterprise Services - the new generation of manageable network drive encryption - attracted a lot of interest from our booth visitors. They were able to convince themselves of the easy handling of our solution on site.

We look back with satisfaction on exciting trade fair days and thank all visitors for the interesting exchange of ideas, new impulses and the interest in what we do with all our heart.

You could not visit us or need further information? Simply send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 371 - 815390.




certgate Bluetooth readers complement digitronic's 2FA offerings

Chemnitz, 23.09.2019

digitronic kooperiert mit certgate

certgate is one of the leading IT security providers for secure mobile communication technologies and a long-time member of the alliance "IT Security Made in Germany". The German manufacturer develops Bluetooth and NFC authentication solutions based on certified 2FA smartcard technology. The innovative certgate Bluetooth readers (AirID and AirID 2 Mini) now complement the digitronic® 2FA offerings for strong device logon and network share encryption.

The AirID and the AirID 2 Mini not only protect during encryption, but also offer further additions to corporate security requirements. As soon as the specified distance between the Windows device and the AirID two-factor authentication is exceeded, the Windows device locks itself automatically. The wireless smartcards can be worn comfortably on a bunch of trousers or keys, making it impossible to forget them at work. This makes the solutions particularly attractive for industries in which a quick change of workplace is necessary (e.g. in hospitals or in the manufacturing industry).

Would you like to experience the technology live and try it out? Then visit us from 8 - 10 October 2019 at it-sa in Nuremberg (Hall 11 Stand 11.0-212). You are welcome to arrange appointments with our experts on site in advance. Simply send us an e-mail to or call us on +49 371 - 815390.


Digitronic relies on a modern IT infrastructure

Thanks to support from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the Free State of Saxony, we as a company will integrate a modern, cloud-based CRM system with ERP elements into our IT infrastructure.

This will allow us to map our business processes completely digitally so that we can respond even better to customer needs and requirements in the future.

“The Program “Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen und Informationsschutz (E-Business)” also enables small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in digitization," says Matthias Kirchhoff, Managing Director.

The Free State of Saxony and the European Union (ESF and EFRE) funds this company with grants out of the program “Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen und Informationsschutz (E-Business)”.

This measure is co-financed by tax revenues on the basis of the budget approved by the members of the Saxon state parliament.


Thanks for your visit! – Infosecurity London

Chemnitz, 17.06.2019

Infosecurity 2019From 04.06. - 06.06.2019 digitronic® was represented at the international fair Infosecurity Europe. At the TeleTrusT collective stand, our team presented the latest technologies in the field of information security.

Our new development HiCryptTM Enterprise Services met with special interest. Satisfied we look back on a very exciting week at this trade fair.

"After the fair is before the fair!"

Visit us at the itsa from 08.10. - 10.10.2019 in Nürnberg. Use our contact form and make an appointment with our team on site.


New Product HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services

Chemnitz, 15.03.2019

HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services

New and created for great things: Based on our proven encryption solution HiCrypt™ 2.0, we are currently working on a new product. Significant improvements regarding the user administration as well as a central administration of the encrypted shares are only some of the advantages. Above all, larger IT infrastructures benefit from the innovations and the managed confidentiality.

The comprehensive protection of confidential and secret information plays an important role in today's global world and is a challenge for every company in every industry. Our proven encryption solution HiCrypt™ 2.0 has been providing the highest level of confidentiality for sensitive data since 2015. With HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services, we will create managed confidentiality in the future - and completely scalable.

The advantages of HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services at a glance:

  • Connection to existing user administration without media discontinuity
  • workflow integration
  • script-based control possible
  • central management of all encrypted shares
  • fully scalable
  • safe and intuitive separation of responsibilities
  • very comfortable SSO to HiCrypt shares
  • meets high safety requirements
  • auditable
  • creates managed confidentiality

Please contact us for further information on the development status. We are at your disposal by phone at +49 371 81539-0 or by email at

Thank you for visiting us at the it-sa in Nuremberg!

We would like to thank the many visitors to our stand who took the opportunity to learn more about us and our latest developments in increasing the protection of confidential data.

Of particular interest was the further development of our network drive encryption (HiCrypt™ 2.0) into an enterprise version, in which the administration, installation and use of the software in larger IT infrastructures was made considerably easier with the help of a central server component. The new developments for our operating system logon solution, using 2-factor authentication (Secure Logon™ 2.0) were also very well received, even though we were only able to show them in prototype form at the time: This solution will soon also be available for Linux-based operating systems and, in addition to RFID and smart cards, you will be able to use smartphones as tokens in the future.

We can look back with satisfaction on three very exciting days at one of the world's most important IT security trade fairs. As an exhibitor, we were able to intensively exchange ideas with interested visitors, users and media representatives about IT security, data encryption and secure logon solutions, talk shop with them and create new ideas.

You were not able to visit us at the fair? No problem - we will be happy to provide you with information in a comprehensive and free consultation. You can contact us at any time by phone +49 371 81539-0 or e-mail


IT service provider digitronic and IT-Concepts Automotive implement two-factor authentication at automotive supplier Minda KTSN.

Suppliers and development partners are obliged to take special care in handling their customers' data. Those companies who can prove that they are protecting their IT systems from unauthorized access have a competitive advantage. Aside from data encryption, Minda KTSN Plastic Solutions GmbH & Co. KG uses this advantage in the form of two-factor authentication.

The products of Minda KTSN Plastic Solutions, a subsidiary of Indian Ashok Minda Group, can be found in numerous cars around the world. The automotive supplier with its headquarters in Pirna, Saxony, and other locations in Poland, Mexico and China develops and produces plastic components and technical assemblies for vehicle interiors. The company covers the entire process chain - from the first design draft to tool construction and production.

The external and internal communication required for this requires both secure transmission paths and secure access to stored data. “Especially the data exchange between our development department and the customer must be reliably protected. Logging on to the IT systems with a password that is changed every 90 days is no longer sufficient,” says Alexander Pietschmann, responsible for corporate IT. He explains further: “We need access to our PCs and notebooks that is protected by a two-factor authentication. For this task, digitronic computersysteme GmbH from Chemnitz was recommended to us. The company, together with its partner IT-Concepts Automotive, which was responsible for the partner acceptance at the OEM,did a great job in advising us and competently helped us with the implementation of the suggested solution.“

Have you become curious?

We invite you to read the full success story

If you, like MINDA, are just as exited about our All-In-One Compliance solution, then you can visit our webpage.

Download success story


For the second time after 2016, digitronic® was part of the “German Pavilion”, a joint booth that had been initiated by TeleTrusT, the Federal association of IT security. The RSA Conference in San Francisco is regarded as the leading international trade fair for IT security.

“IT Security made in Germany” was presented for the 17th time in a row with a joint exhibition sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and designed by TeleTrusT.

The event organisers were not the only ones who were able to report a positive conclusion, as the number of visitors reached more than 50,000 people. Matthias Kirchhoff, manager of digitronic® had some positive remarks as well: “After our experiences in 2016, expectations in the run-up were very high, not only with regard to good discussions, but also with regard to promising potential new customers. The sheer number of visitors did not only lead to some promising client contacts within the US, but also in the United Arab Emirates, Chile and Singapore.”

On 16th April 2018, Info Security Products Guide, the leading guide in terms of information security research and advice, awarded the All-in-One Compliance-Package with the Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Award® in Gold in the category GDPR (DSGVO). This award honours providers of cyber security and information technologies whose progressive and groundbreaking products and solutions help set new standards in all areas of security.

“We are proud to be recognised as an industry player whose All-In-One Compliance-Package has been selected as the winner by the Info Security Products Guide," said Matthias Kirchhoff, Managing Director of digitronic®.

“The All-In-One Compliance-Package that we presented at the fair combines network drive encryption with a strong two-factor authentication and thus provides a high level of security to protect confidential data from unauthorised access. Furthermore, it supports a certified authentication in a variety of ways – from RFID cards and active memory cards (card or USB token) to the newly developed login solution via the use of a smartphone with an integrated RVSCS (remote virtual smart card container service).”

“By extending the token engine, the central RVSCS service will provide applications such as Secure Logon™ 2.0 or HiCrypt™ 2.0 with the convenience of using cryptographic functions for secure two-factor authentication even without USB tokens or smart cards. In doing so, a smart medium, for example a smartphone, can be defined as the second factor in no time at all,” says Peter Liebing, Deputy Head of Marketing & Sales.

As a part of TeleTrusT’s events during the RSA conference, there was also a German-US dialogue on the topic of “Industry 4.0 & IOT changes - Security Challenges”. Additionally, there was a TeleTrusT/Symantec Security Solution Showcase, where German companies presented their ideas in regard to futuristic topics. Consequently, digitronic® gave a presentation on the topic “From one human identity to millions of digital identities without security?”, which met with a great response from the audience.

Conclusion: “A small step into the US market, but a giant leap for digitronic®“.

Image sources: Info Security PG´s 2018 Global Excellence Awards

digitronic® as an exhibitor at the spring summit of the Federal association KH-IT

Chemnitz, 22nd March 2018

Plenum at the Clinic of the University of Munich – Campus Großhadern
(Image source: Krankenhaus-IT ONLINE Journal EXTRA, Carsten Ortlieb)

IT-security (KRITIS), the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the “eHealth law 2“ – these were the topics at the 2018 spring summit of the Federal association of hospital IT managers at the university clinic in Munich.

As a member of the Federal association, digitronic® was also present with an information booth. The participants showed a particular interest in our login solution Secure Logon™ 2.0. This solution enables IT officials to meet the expectations of a secure and comfortable login at operating systems and applications in medical networks.

We were able to share our experiences with hospital-specific login scenarios that we gained through projects with KRITIS-relevant facilities. We will use our exchanges with booth visitors and the newly established contacts to continually expand our line of business in the health sector.

All-In-One-Compliance Package awarded BEST OF at INDUSTRIEPREIS 2018 in the category "IT and Industry”.

Chemnitz, 21st March 2018: INDUSTRIEPREIS-IT 2018

Once again, Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH awarded the INDUSTRIEPREIS-IT 2018 to particularly innovative and forward-thinking solutions in the field of IT and industry. Once a year, this prize honours preeminent German companies that face the current global challenges in the industry by developing clever and useful products and business strategies. After being awarded with the Global Excellence Gold Award by Info Security Products Guide in the US, this is now the second victory for the All-In-One-Compliance Package by digitronic®.

More information about this solution can be found here:


On 15th March 2017, the Mittelstand 4.0 – competence centre Chemnitz organised a conference on the topic mentioned above. During this conference, companies from the region talked about their experiences, and professional experts demonstrated practical solutions, concepts and support programmes. The Mittelstand 4.0 – competence centre Chemnitz rises to the challenge of guiding small and medium-sized companies on their challenging journey into a digital future. There was also a panel discussion during this event, in which digitronic® manager Matthias Kirchhoff talked about his experience when it comes to digitalisation and confidentiality in practice. In the afternoon, there were several workshops on various topics for the participants of this event. digitronic® , as the regional branch of the Federal association IT-Sicherheit e.V. (TeleTrusT)Chemnitz, hosted a workshop on the topic “How do I secure my company?!”. They presented solutions that pave the way for an effective reinforcement of the security and confidentiality of sensitive data while also keeping the use of resources at a manageable level, taking into consideration that the upcoming EU-GDPR will take effect on 25th May 2018.

Link to:

Image source: Tweets Betrieb 4.0 machen!@@betriebmachen


Chemnitz, 9th March 2018

Chemnitz-based software developer digitronic® computersysteme gmbh attends RSA Conference in San Francisco for second time

The IT security fair/conference “RSA” is taking place in San Francisco for the 27th time. The RSA conference continues to be the leading fair/conference for IT security around the globe and is attended by people from all over the world.

As a co-exhibitor of the “German Pavilion”, which was initiated by TeleTrust, the Federal association for IT security, digitronic® will be present in Hall North Expo, Booth no. 3927. In the context of the German joint exhibition “IT Security made in Germany”, digitronic® will also present their All-In-One Compliance solution, which was just recently awarded the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE GOLD AWARD in the category GDPR (EU-DSGVO) by Info Security Products Guide.

Download press release


Chemnitz, 7th March 2018

Digitronic® computersysteme gmbh is awarded with the Global Excellence Gold Award by Info Security Products Guide, the leading guide when it comes to IT security research and advice. They won with their All-In-One Compliance package in the category GDPR (EU-DSGVO).

The awards ceremony will take place on 16th April in San Francisco, and due to their participation in the RSA conference, which also takes place in San Francisco, representatives of digitronic® will personally attend the awards ceremony.

Download press release

The backbone in a communicational jungle

Amidst e-mail, Facebook and others, technology by digitronic® has proven itself as a solid component in the police’s communicational jungle for the last 25 years. One cornerstone of the police’s tactical man-agement work is the delivery of transnational news - including a “guaranteed receipt” - within defined deadlines that are dependent on their urgency. Due to their high political and social topicality, news is delivered in a “fake-news-proof” way. digitronic® has proven to be a steady development and operations partner as well as a provider that assumes full responsibility for a police procedure. With the implementa-tion of the project “Georedundanz”, the default risk of the formal communication system EPOST 810 has been significantly reduced over the last few years. In 2018, digitronic® will continue to face the rapid de-velopment of software technologies and will additionally meet user requirements that arise from the generational change of users. In September of 2017, there was a first user meeting that was attended by representatives of three federal states who took a peek at the future with digitronic® engineers.

MEDICA 2017 – Presentation on Data Security in the Healthcare Sector

Chemnitz, 17.11.2017

Lately, EU-DSGVO, KRITIS and ISO27001 have been some of the most discussed terms that will have a serious impact on the design of IT security in healthcare facilities. One main concern is the necessity of implementing measures that effectively prevent the misuse of sensitive data.

During the MEDICA conference in Düsseldorf, our manager Matthias Kirchhoff presented ways in which technical measures of sensitive data encryption and secure authentication can be put into practice. The main focus of his presentation in front of intrigued industry professionals was to explain a way in which the diverse and complex requirements in audits and certifications can be met by choosing a pragmatic “back to the roots” approach combined with state of the art technology. One concrete example utilising the combination of two solutions offered by digitronic demonstrated how the confidentiality of data can be guaranteed via encryption on networks and via an additional protection of the access to encrypted data with a certified “security key”.

IT security does not end outside company grounds

Chemnitz, 16.11.2017

On 15.11.2017, Chemnitz-based ECL Euro Courier Logistics and the digitronic® TeleTrust regional branch welcomed participants to a joint event:

“IT security does not end outside company grounds - Going from data security to transport security”
During the course of his presentation on “IT security”, P. Liebing, head of sales and marketing at digitronic®, informed the participants about current cyber attacks. He gave some examples on the topic of “employees as risk factors”, he pointed out the EU-DSGVO that will be put into effect on 25.5.2018, and he talked about the practice of audits in the automotive supply industry.

In particular, digitronic® wants to thank S. Fanghänel, Managing Director of ECL, who was not only a remarkable host, but who also drew attention to internal risk factors in companies via the use of many real-life examples.

You can find more information on both companies under the following links: and

European Data Protection Regulation - what does this mean for companies?

Chemnitz, 14.11.2017

The European Data Protection Regulation will be put into effect on 25th May 2018. It will apply in all EU member states and it will lead to drastic changes in the German data protection law. The regulation will have an impact on citizens, the economy, the government and administrations. Companies will be given a period of two years during which they have to implement the new regulation. But what exactly does this mean?

On 13.11.2017, the Nuremberg Initiative for the Communications Industry and the IHK Nuremberg invited more than 150 guests to take part in a cooperative event. Naturally, NuP Informationssysteme and digitronic® computersysteme gmbh also participated in this event with a joint presentation.

Below you can find basic information about yesterday’s event as well as the presentations of all speakers:

MEDICA 2017 - World Forum for Medicine

Chemnitz, 7th November 2017

‘Protecting confidential data is indispensable to the healthcare sector.’ digitronic® will be in Düsseldorf from 13th–16th November 2017

digitronic® will be attending MEDICA in Düsseldorf for the first time according to the motto ‘Active, user-friendly IT security is indispensable to the healthcare sector’. Digitalisation is leading to profound changes in the healthcare sector. The legal requirements continue to evolve. Organisations classified as critical infrastructure have to act by January 2019 in order to comply with the Critical Infrastructure Protection (KRITIS) initiative, for instance. And in May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. Compliance with these data protection regulations and legally binding industry standards demands more IT security measures in the healthcare sector as well.

AIO Puzzle ENOur All-In-One Security Packages support hospitals and other medical facilities in better complying with legal requirements. The technical basis for our packages is our award-winning, team-enabled network drive encryption paired with our 2-factor authentication process.

Our consulting and comprehensive services are designed to ensure compliance with IT security standards (ISO/IEC 27002) for medical networks. In addition, we meet the demand for a convenient login process with single sign-on solutions. We put together innovative All-In-One Security Packages for our customers, partners and sector professionals that address the needs specific to their industry.

Learn more at our exhibition stand (Hall 15, Stand 15E56) or at our presentation: ‘Komfortable Anmeldung am Betriebssystem und an KIS-Anwendungen sowie Verschlüsselung sensibler Daten im Klinikalltag’ (User-friendly OS/HIS login solutions and sensitive data encryption in hospital settings) on 13th November 2017. Visit our stand for in-depth information, the technical specifics and a live demonstration.

Would you like to make an appointment with us? Get in touch – we look forward to meeting you!

Your digitronic® team

futureSAX Interview with Matthias Kirchhoff from digitronic®

Chemnitz, September 28th 2017

“Security ‘Made in Germany’ will prevail in all industries.” - futureSAX interview with Matthias Kirchhoff of digitronic computersysteme gmbh

Matthias Kirchhoff

The company digitronic computersysteme gmbh is something akin to an “old acquaintance”, as the Chemnitz-based firm has already successfully taken part in many futureSAX competitions over the years. One example is their success in the race for the 2017 Saxon State Prize for Innovation 2017, where they placed among the top ten companies. In this interview, manager Matthias Kirchhoff tells us where this innovative energy comes from and what the advantages of Secure Logon™ 2.0 are.

Download Interview

A statement about 2-factor authentication

Digital Padlock Ensures Safety - Press release ITConcepts / digitronic®

Wolfsburg / Chemnitz, September 28th 2017

The life of data thieves just got harder, as another specialist in the field of IT encryption has joined Wolfburg’s ITConcepts Automotive as a partner. By doing so, digitronic® closes an important loophole - for the benefit of the customer.


Data theft – not under our watch

Operating procedures are digitally displayed, handled and saved in all companies. Every employee has access to them. Quite often, the highly sensitive data is not always retrieved by authorised personnel. But is there really a way to secure this data from being stolen by unauthorised persons? In that case, the only help is a kind of digital padlock” that reliably encrypts the data and only gives access to authorised personnel. ITConcepts Automotive and digitronic® can provide this security. “Our experts have the necessary and certified know-how,” says Gernot Joswig, authorised officer at ITConcepts Automotive. “This way, we make sure that we are able to advise you in terms of IT security in a focused and comprehensive manner. In order to focus on the technical implementation, we consult experts and then work together on a customised solution – for the benefit of our shared customers!”

Learn more here:

Download Press release

19th Innovation Conference 2017 – digitronic® was attending!

Chemnitz, September 5th 2017

Innovationspreis 2017 Foto

On the occasion of the award ceremony for the Saxon State Prize for Innovation 2017, the futureSAX Innovation Summit took place at the Festspielhaus Hellerau on 28th August 2017. For the 19th time, the Saxon State Prize for Innovation honors pioneering ideas and inventions of Saxon companies which have launched new products, services, production processes or business models.

The award ceremony, which was accompanied by, among others, Martin Dulig, Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport, was a complete success.

In the show area, digitronic® presented the innovative strength of its 3rd generation 2-factor authentication solution Secure Logon™ 2.0 in various live demonstrations.

The login process on the PC is again supplemented by using a smartphone as proof of authorization. “Ten years ago, we demonstrated the registration on the PC with a Siemens S55 mobile phone – but the market did not take the innovation.”, said Matthias Kirchhoff, one of the founders and managing directors of digitronic®. Now it is time to use intelligent security elements for the use of various application scenarios such as logon, encryption, single-sign-on, VPN, signature, locking systems, time recording etc.

Secure Logon™ 2.0 combines “ownership” and “knowledge” into a secure and easy-to-use solution. The possession of a non-forgeable “security key” – such as a key holder, a smart card or a “prepared smartphone” on one side and the knowledge of a PIN on the other side result in a significant increase in security while simplifying usage.

After 2013, for the second time, the digitronic® team was able to place itself within the top 10 of the best innovations of the Saxon State Prize for Innovation.

The conscientious protection of digital data is gaining more and more attention in companies – certainly due to the influence of the requirement of the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will apply from May 2018.

Secure Logon ™ 2.0 nominated for the Saxon State Prize for Innovation 2017

Chemnitz, 15th May 2017

With its submitted innovation digitronic® is one of the nominees of this year's Saxon State Prize for Innovation 2017 and reaches the second round of valuation. This is a great success for our team and the development of "Secure Logon ™ 2.0".


Secure Logon

Digitronic® was part of the Mittelstandstour Bitkom as exhibitor

Chemnitz, 4th May 2017         

The digitization of the economy is progressing at a tremendous pace, which is the topic across all economic sectors. The opportunities for digitization are just as great for small and medium-sized enterprises as the challenges. Within the framework of the Mittelstandtour of the digital association Bitkom e.V., an event took place at the IHK Chemnitz on 4th of May 2017, of which the approx. 100 attendees were not only able to take an overview of changes to be overcome, but above all concrete recommendations for action. In addition, they had the opportunity to exchange ideas with digital experts and other participants on specific topics in one of three workshops.

Parallel to the event, digitronic®, under the theme "Digital Transformation - Our Contribution for You", presented solutions that enable the information security of small and medium-sized companies noticeable and can be improved with little effort. Especially in the context of the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU DS-GVO), which became binding on May 28th 2018, this topic was met with great interest by the participants.


Chemnitz, 23rd March 2017: INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017

Mission: Innovation. Under this leading issue, several thousands of companies have applied with their innovativeInnovationspreis IT IT solutions at the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017, the initiative "Mittelstand" of Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH. digitronic® was also involved with its new 2-factor-authentication software SecureLogon™ 2.0. Just with the start of this year's CeBIT, the responsible persons at digitronic® received the message: "Your innovative IT solution has convinced and belongs to the best of the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2017 in the" IT Security "category." A distinguished expert jury has tested in this year all submission on their technological, economic, environmental or social benefits.

"The entire digitronic® team is proud to have received this award from the Initiative Mittelstand". As in 2013 and 2015 we were honored in the same category of the IT innovation award with our  products HiCrypt™ 2.0 and MyCapp™.

Also this year we were able to convince over 100 jurors, including industry representatives, academics and journalists, of our 2-factor-authentication solution and prove that our All-IN-ONE-COMPLIANCE offer is more than suitable for small and mid-sized companies.

Risk management in the automotive suppliers industry @AMZ

Chemnitz, 28th November 2016

Risk management is an important part of each successful business strategy.

Which risks do we have to expect? How to prepare for them? How does a launch of an effective risk management looks like?

Cyber risks are becoming more and more threatening. Theft of data, industrial espionage, employee manipulation and patent violation are just some examples, which affected companies have to face. But how is it possible to protect companies in an effective way?

AUDIT made easy – IT security and compliance as part of ISO 27001

To debate about this topic and the mentioned questions, the AMZ invited many quality managers and IT responsible from the automotive suppliers industry in Saxony to Dresden at 24th November 2016. They followed lectures given by Funk Risk Consulting Hamburg and digitronic computersysteme gmbh Chemnitz.

Chemnitz, 21st October 2016: digitronic hold a succesful series of lectures and made a good job at 9th international suppliers fair in Wolfsburg:

There are three successful fair days over now, which were filled with appointments, expert talk and lectures at our “Phone-Box-stand”. The fair, with its focus on “digitalization in mobility”, showed the future orientation of the automotive branch with round about 800 exhibitors from thirteen countries.

digitronic® introduced its new strategic direction of its security Messestand IZBproducts during its series of lectures “IT-security as part of ISO 27001”. With our All-In-One compliance package you keep clear sight to pass the IT-audit corresponding to ISO 27001. The solution digitronic® offers includes share encryption, 2-factor-authentication, the necessary security token, roll-out support and AD-integration at your site. 

If you have any questions we are happy to inform you about our All-In-One compliance packages (

Many of our visitors wished to get the lectures, so that it is possible to download them.

Lectures with the subject of:

Audit just around the corner? IT-Security as part of ISO 27001

Download as pdf.

All-In-One: security and confidentiality for an audit made easy

Download as pdf.

Reiner SCT partnerforum

The company Reiner SCT saluted partners and retailers at his annual “Partnerforum” on 20th and 21st September 2016 in Potsdam like old friends. digitronic® was invited as developer of his new 2-factor-authentication-software Secure Logon™ 2.0 and Secure Logon 2 (OEM Product). REINER SCT Parnterforun

Under this circumstances Matthias Kirchhoff, CEO of digitronic®, had the chance to introduce the functionality of the solution Secure Logon™ 2.0. With the ownage of a SecurityToken as first factor and the knowledge of PIN as a second factor Secure Logon™ 2.0 enables a quick and comfortable logon at your workstation. With the chance to use more than one device from different manufacturers, like smartcards, the possibilities are endless. Secure Logon™ 2.0 is currently available in our All-in-One Securitypackage.

With very interesting lectures and diversified activities build REINER SCT a great bridge between a high quality symposium and a friendly, cooperative atmosphere. The topic was the transformation of business due to the digital revolution, but also the development of new marketing and sales strategies.

Conclusion: A professionally stimulating and very well organized event hosted by REINER SCT.

„digitronic® presents an informative series of lectures at International Suppliers Fair (IZB) on topic of audit compliant it-security according to ISO 27001!

Chemnitz, the 16th of September 2016

We are happy to invite you to our technical series of lectures “it-security as part of ISO 27001” on the occasion of International Suppliers Fair.

We are going to show you how to pass the audit of the manufacturers with the right solution.

Feel free to catch up some live information from our staff and become some insider knowledge about our newest innovation through live-demonstrations.

Our lectures will be hold daily on our stand 3205 in hall 3.

Are you interested in a visit? So make an appointment with our team via and become a free ticket.

We are looking forward to meet you there!

Download Flyer IZB 2016





Linux – Encryption! So you can save your data with HiCrypt™ 2.0

Chemnitz, 15th of September 2016

by Katja Kunke

From now on our customers could benefit from our multiple awarded technologies HiCrypt_unter_Linuxand use HiCryptTM 2.0 for Linux.

Comprehensive protection for confidential and secret information is playing a larger and larger role in today’s global world and is a great challenge for every business, whether an LLC or a major international company.  HiCrypt™ 2.0 offers the highest degree of confidentiality for your sensitive data. HiCrypt™ 2.0 is for example used by human resources departments, by executive managers, by staff councils, works councils, by construction departments in the automobile supplier industry or by banks.

HiCrypt™ 2.0 encrypts data on network drives and facilitates common access to encrypted files and folders. Where ever you store your documents: whether on the company network, in the home office or in your on-line storage in the cloud, with HiCrypt™ 2.0 you hold the key to the security of your data in your own hands.

The distribution of HiCrypt™ 2.0 in Linux is solely carried out in the context of the All-In-One safety packages, which include the data encryption, 2-factor-authentication, the necessary hardware keys as well as the roll-out support on-site.


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digitronic Unified Messaging System with new features

Chemnitz, 25th August 2016

Release Version digitronic UMS 7.2

digitronic UMS 7.2

Since its introduction in 1999 our unified messaging solution a story of success. In August 2016 the new version 7.2 was released. digitronic UMS integrates FAX, VoiceMail and SMS services in nearly every E-Mail environment. We provide highest convenience without the necessity of another client software. With a special focus on legal certainty and verification management we meet the demands of our customers.

With version 7.2 a couple of new and extended features are available:

Do you want more detailed information? We are pleased to help you with your questions. Please discover at the product page of our sales- and services partner Digitronic Computersysteme Berlin all advantages of digitronic UMS 7.2 or simply write an E-Mail at

Audit just around the corner? digitronic® exhibits at IZB 2016

The phone rings and the Auditor is calling. You had the hope that he just got the wrong number. But nuts: An Audit is around the corner. One of his demands is, that you protect privat and secret data by technical means. But you don’t have to consult your yellow pages, we cracked it:

digitronic® presents his All-In-One compliance solution at International Suppliers Fair inPhone Wolfsburg from October 18th to 20th 2016. You are going to find us at our “phone consulting box” in hall 3 stand 3205.

The digitronic® All-In-One compliance packages include data encryption, 2-factor-authentication, the needed hardwarekeys and also on-site support during the implementation of the solution. This saves your time and money and also your administrators or it-supplier is less stressed. With our often practised support we supply a missing jigsaw piece to pass the audit according to ISO 27001.

Are you also interested in our compliance solution? Then do not waste time and money and make an appointment at IZB by contacting and enter the fair for free.

digitronic® lays down another milestone in the field of compliance-ready data security

Chemnitz, 08th July 2016

  • The most modern 2-factor-authentication even w/o PKI
  • Secure Logon™ 2.0 a “convenience-sensation” for administrators

The use of weak passwords offers attackers an “easy target” in the IT-system of any company.  Secure Logon 2.0

If one forces an increase in the complexity and frequency of change technologically, the “frustration” of the users in everyday operation will increase. The cost of support required to re-set passwords also increases dramatically.  

With the new development of Secure Logon™ 2.0 along with today‘s market release digitronic® resolves this conflict proactively: Unique and complex passwords are securely stored on a digitronic-SecurityToken. Instead of complex passwords one only needs to enter a PIN to authenticate an account on a PC, a network drive or a Remote Desktop Connection (using RDP). This results in a considerable savings of time and therefore costs.

Both the storage and the sharing of multiple identities using CRED-UI are available as a “convenience sensation” for administrators, since this can be done without having to install Secure Logon™ 2.0 on the target systems.


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digitronic® has fever pitch!

Chemnitz, 5th July 2016

Ellie and the digitronic®-Team

Not only at UEFA Euro 2016 the ball got rolling, but also in Leipzig at the RoboCup. Scientists, pupils and students are meeting the challenge to score goals in different categories and on four days of competition.

RoboCup made it from a small nerdy convention to a professional competition in the field of robotics and automation. Thanks to futureSAX, Matthias Kirchhoff, CEO of digitronic®, was not able to present his football skills, but to show his experience in automation. MyCapp™ (one confidential app - all devices) provides a confidential and secure ‘biotope’ to communicate with the company’s infrastructure at an unsecure mobile device. With this technique there is the possibility to exchange critical data, like pictures for quality assurance, data of control programs or staff information.

In the following discussion Matthias Kirchhoff faced the questions and ideas of the audience. Even if digitronic® was not represented as footballer, so MyCapp™ is a go under the confidentiality Apps.

Living innovation – digitronic® is part of futureSAX innovation summit 2016

Innovationskonferenz_1      Innovationskonferenz_2


Chemnitz, June 10th 2016

At 6th of June 2016 digitronic® presented its state of the art technology MyCapp™ in the context of the Learning-Networkarea at futureSAX innovation summit. MyCapp™ combines the innovative capacity of the idea to bring digital compliance on a mobile, device independent platform with digitronic®’s comprehensive experience in the field of digital compliance and security.

MyCapp™ became concrete on stage, when Matthias Kirchhoff (digitronic® CEO) presents the advantages and possibilities of the app. With MyCapp™ it will be possible to monitor and to control critical processes in manufacturing. Also it will offer the feasibility to take a picture and sign it, also to add geodata for the purpose of quality assurance. Other fields of use may be human ressources and business administration. Our “Softwarefreaks are looking for mechanical engineers”   for the further development of MyCapp™.

Are you interested in detailed information about MyCapp™? We are glad to help. Just write an Email to or discover the advantages of MyCapp™- one confidential app-all devices on your own at our product page!

TNS Infratest protects sensitive data in specialised areas

Anyone who works with sensitive information and personal data is subject to very strict laws and internal security guidelines. TNS Infratest generates annually untold millions of bytes of this sort of data and has been one of the few ISO 27001 certified companies in Germany since 2013. In order to be able to guarantee its global customers even more security, the Munich-based market and innovation researchers depend on the encryption tool HiCrypt.

With TNS Infratest, everything started with radio listener research and developed in the course of the last 60 years into one of the best-known and most respected institutes for scientific and economic market and opinion research.HiCrypt 2.0

Along with general data, TNS Infratest works primarily with sensitive infromation, both on the customer-side and on the participant-side. For that reason data security is a very important topic. At the end of 2013 TNS Infratest received the ISO 27001 Certification from TÜV Süd for its exceptionally good information security management.

“Starting at a certain degree of confidentiality, customers do not just demand sophisticated security measures against external threats, but the potential data access must also remain restricted internally to the authorised persons who are responsible for the project,” commented Dirk Wocke, externally assigned Information Security Officer with TNS Infratest. “For that reason it was decisive that HiCrypt made it possible for the department to use the software independently,” Wocke also declared.

Security is not a matter for hype

By expanding with the 2-factor-authentication and the easy operation, HiCrypt integrated itself into the daily work with TNS Infratest.

So that the user experience continues to be as positive as it has been, the opinion researchers in Munich have concluded a software maintenance contract for HiCrypt. This will continue to provide them with important updates and expansions and they will profit from the support of the developer in Chemnitz when emergencies arise. 

“We are very satisfied with HiCrypt and are planning to expand our collaboration in area of high-security projects. The need will likely increase in the future,” says Wocke.

For more information look at our product website!



Download Case Study

“Softwarefreaks met with Mechanical Engineers” Hannover Expo 2016

   Hannover_Messe_Bild4   Hannover_Messe_Bild3   Hannover_Messe_Bild2   Hannover_Messe_Bild1

Chemnitz, 10.05.2016

The Hannover Trade Fair 2016 provided a platform for a total of 190,000 professionals who attended to get acquainted and make contacts in the industry at the German, European and international levels. More than 30%* of the attendees came from abroad.

Matthias Kirchhoff, futureSAX Alumni, head and initiator of its digitronic® Softwarefreaks, also used the opportunity to present the MyCapp™- Technology (one confidential app- all devices) to a wide audience at the Young Tech Enterprise stage and present “predictive maintenance” during the Guided Tours.

On the  “Sachsen Abend”, or “Evening for Saxony” he thanked the employees of futureSAX and Saxony’s State Minister for Economic Affairs, Employment and Transport, Martin Dulig, for the “futureSAX Platform” as a  “Stage for Innovation in Saxony” and urged consistent, continued work with the same team.

Appearing as a start-up innovation in the futureSAX Start-up Corner, digitronic® dared for the first time to put the focus on the  first step of the  “mechanical engineer” in the direction of  MyCapp™, which will have an extraordinary significance in the context of Industry 4.0.  Matthias Kirchhoff is convinced that “…after more than 20 years of exhibiting at this trade fair, at CeBIT - the direct conversations with future industry clients were the most impressive experience at the trade fair.”  

In the framework of an introductory phase for MyCapp™, digitronic® is looking for interested parties who need mobile, platform-independent process connections and will participate in the costs of ongoing development.

*Source: Hannover Messe

With “Software freaks looking for mechanical engineers” digitronic® shows off the innovative power of a start-up in the Start-up Corner at the Hannover Messe.


ThomasThomas is just now putting the last part on the prototype, fastening it at the stress point and turns the material to harder plastic. “Now it will meet the hardness requirements,” he mutters and sends the model to the 3D-printer in the factory hall. Then Thomas puts on the Augmented-Reality-Goggles, shuts down the e MyCapp™-App  and puts his tablet down –just in time: Because he’s ready to spend time with his family. Thomas really appreciates the flexibility in his workplace.

Work at the home office and in Industry 4.0 could soon look like this- or similar to this.

But how can the communications route between Thomas’ Tablet and the 3D- printer in his employers’ factory workshop, be hardened to be break-in proof? How does one determine whether or not Thomas’ draft model was altered en route to the 3D-printer? How can one make sure that competing companies don’t get access to sensitive machine data?

And what role does MyCapp™ play in this?

On April 28th and 29th, 2016 Matthias Kirchhoff, the CEO of digitronic® and both head and motor of his team of highly qualified „Freaks“, will provide answers to these urgent questions in the futureSAX-Start-up Corner (Hall 3, Booth B06)!

With MyCapp™ digitronic® presents its unique concept for the integration of mobile end-devices while at the same time assuring digital confidentiality in industry-4.0-Llandscapes. MyCapp™ transposes confidentiality into a logical level that is independent of the device and operating system. Mechanical engineers should be able to remain mechanical engineers, to use a confidential environment and able to still adapt the perspective personally. Security-critical programming can be omitted.

Are you a product developer, entrepreneur or mechanical engineer like Thomas…?

Then come to the Start-Up Stage (Hall 3, Booth A01) at the Hannover Exhibition Centre on April 28th, 2016 from 12:30 to 13:00 as well as on April 29th, 2016 from 12:30 to 13:00 and enter into productive dialogue with Matthias  Kirchhoff, discussing how one gets these ideas “off the ground” as quickly as possible. 


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Impressive participation at the RSA Conference in San Francisco - digitronic® computersysteme gmbh has received very positive feedback

RSARSA Messestand German PavillionRSA Messestand

digitronic® participated for the first time on the “German Pavilion” in San Francisco, a joint stand at the exhibition initiated by the German Association for IT-Security. The RSA in San Francisco is recognised as an international, leading exhibition for IT-Security. “IT-Security” made in Germany" was represented for the the 15th consecutive year in a jointly organised exhibition promoted by the German Ministry for Economics and Energy and TeleTrusT.

The exhibition organisers were not the only ones who registered a positive return e.g. an increase in the number of vistors from 32,000 to 38,000 compared to last year, but also Matthias Kirchhoff, CEO from digitronic®: “We had a lot of very good discussions with other exhibitors from the joint German stand before the exhibition which increased our already positive anticipation for this event. What we actually experienced when we were there totally exceeded what we had envisaged and expected from such an event. The enormous increase in the number of visitors also therefore highlighted the prominent position of such an exhibition with regard to international competition.

Intensive professional discussions were held on each of the five conference days and very promising contacts were created with new customers. What is particularly important for us Germans is that we could see how interested the many visitors were in backdoor free, all-in-one compliance solutions with team encoding and 2-factor authentication. In addition, the prototype of the MyCapp™- Confidentiality - APP really generated positive feedback from the visitors.


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RSA Conference 2016

Chemnitz, 21st January 2016: digitronic computersysteme gmbh Chemnitz will exhibit at the RSA Conference in San Francisco for the first time

The RSA Conference is an exclusive forum for the IT-security industry in the USA and beyond. It is one of the most important showcases for IT-security as well as related products, services and technologies.

As a participant in the joint booth initiated by the German National Association for IT-security, TeleTrusT, the “German Pavilion”, digitronic® will present its encryption software HiCrypt™ 2.0 with 2-factor authentication in Hall D, Booth Number: 4020/15. This software was awarded Runner-Up in the category “Cloud Security Product of the year” Angel Business Communications Ltd. in December 2015 at the presentation of the SVC Awards. HiCrypt™ 2.0 combines the classical server and personal computer world with the modern, cloud-based mobile world in a unique process, while also offering protection for confidential data in computing centres.

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HiCrypt™ is 2.0 Runner-up - SVC Awards 2015

London/Chemnitz, 7th December 2015: The company digitronic® computersysteme gmbh based in Chemnitz has been honored for its software solution HiCrypt™ 2.0 in London at the SVC Award in the competition category "IT Security Product of the Year" as runner-up

Last week, on Friday night this year's awards ceremony of the SVC Awards was held in London, a yearly presented award for outstanding solutions in the areas of virtualization, cloud and archiving by Angel Business Communications Ltd. More than 200 product applications were received in 25 different categories, including the candidacy of the Chemnitz based company digitronic® with the product HiCrypt™ 2.0. Since July 2015, candidates were named for the different categories. Already after this round digitronic® was pleased to find itself on the "nominated short list". The kickoff for voting started on 5th November 2015 with the public voting, which was closed on 13th November 2015. 7 well-known technology companies from the USA and Spain fought also for the coveted prize "Cloud Security Product of the Year".

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HiCrypt™ 2.0 is Runner Up - IPACSO Award 2015

Finalist IPACSO Award 2015

Chemnitz, 23rd October 2015: EU joint project IPACSO honored TeleTrust member digitronic® with HiCrypt™ 2.0 as "Runner Up"

Yesterday evening the EU joint project IPACSO (Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities) has honored IT security companies and technologies from Europe, which were named as finalists in the 2015 European Cyber & Security & Privacy Innovation Awards. The award ceremony was in the hands of Jakub Boratynski, Head of the Trust and Security Unit, European Commission. digitronic® computersysteme gmbh was honored by him as “Runner Up” for its software solution HiCrypt™.

Peter Liebing, Head of Sales and Marketing, thanked him for the award and gave thanks to the developers of digitronic® and in particular to the team that had been working so hard on this application the last weeks.

"With this award, we have taken a further step in the European market and we hope that this is reflected in sales," says Peter Liebing.


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HiCrypt ™ 2.0 "double - Finalist" in October 2015

IPACSO Award 2015

Chemnitz, 12th October 2015: IPACSO Award HiCrypt™ 2.0 is nominated

Today the EU community project IPACSO (Innovation Framework for Privacy and Cyber Security Market Opportunities) announced the 2015 finalists for the European Cyper Security & Privacy Innovation Awards - digitronic® computersysteme gmbh was nominated with the software solution HiCrypt™ 2.0 for the final on 10/22/2015 in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

With the new software HiCrypt™ 2.0 as a successor product to the encryption software HiCrypt™ introduced successfully in the market in the year 2012 digitronic® complies consistently with the demand for even more protection of confidential and secret data.

List of finalists

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19. International Automobile Congress Zwickau

Foto 19. Internationaler Automobilkongress ZwickauChemnitz, 14th October 2015: Successful Congress

The approximately 200 participants in the 19. International Automobile Congress in Zwickau agreed that this event is not only with high-profile presentations, but also offers excellent networking opportunities for decision-makers in the industry.

Accompanying the Congress, a number of companies with industry-specific solutions for the automotive supplier industry presented itself, including digitronic® with 2-factor authentication and encryption software HiCrypt™ 2.0. "Interesting contacts were made again this year," said Peter Liebing, Sales Manager of digitronic®.

it-sa 2015 exceeds all expectations

Chemnitz, 14th October 2015: it-sa 2015 reported record figures.

About 9000 experts and users informed themselves at 428 stands, including digitronic® at the TeleTrust joint stand. M. Kirchhoff, CEO confirmed the official statement of the promotor Nuremberg Exhibition: "Packed aisles, intensive discussions and significantly more encouragement on the part of the visitors.”

The next it-sa will take place from 18. to 20. October 2016 in the Exhibition Center Nürnberg.


IT-Security Fair

it-sa Stand englischMeet us at the it-sa in Nuremberg and take a look at the newest products and services.

Date: 6th - 8th of October 2015

Times: Tuesday - Wednesday from 9 am till 6 pm & Thursday from 9 am till 5 pm

Place: Hall 12, booth 744 - it-sa exhibiton ground Nuremberg, Karl-Schönleben-Straße, 90471 Nuremberg


Do you need tickets? No problem! We will provide free tickets for you. Please contact us:

Vote for HiCrypt ™ 2.0 from - SVC Awards 2015

Finalist SVC Award klein

digitronic® is nominated with his encryption software HiCrypt ™ 2.0 for the SVC Award 2015 in the category "Cloud Security Product of the Year". The winners of each category are determined by a public vote. We would be pleased if you support us with your voting.

You can vote from the 5th of October 2015 untill the 13th of October2015 using the following link :

Comprehensive protection for confidential and secret data is becoming increasingly important for suppliers and audits

Chemnitz, 29th July 2015: digitronic® computersysteme gmbh offers individual solutions for successful audits

We advise and support German automotive suppliers who have to meet audit criteria for more then two years. In line with the audit criteria, individual solutions can be applied. For example, the client-based software solution Secure Logon and a digitronic® USB smartcard token with EAL 5+ certification can be used as a two-factor authentication solution. The flexibility of the software means that solutions can be put in place using existing employee passes for logging into time tracking systems or for door security systems.

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HiCrypt™ 2.0 – another “protected” chapter in a success story

Chemnitz, 29th June 2015: today digitronic® computersysteme gmbh announces the release of HiCrypt™ 2.0 for the 1st of July 2015.

With the release of  HiCrypt™ 2.0, the new version of the HiCrypt™ encryption software, successful on the market since 2012, digitronic® is meeting the demand for even better protection of confidential or secret data. Using USB Smartcard Tokens HiCrypt™ 2.0 now supports two-factor authentication (knowledge and possession. It is now possible to realize environments where access to protected data is exclusively permitted with token AND matching PIN.

“For our developer team it was fascinating to see how HiCrypt™ moved on. With the new features you can now access your sensitive data even safer. Numerous successful audits of the automotive industry are proof to this. HiCrypt™ 2.0 makes the work even more comfortable” says Alexander Schuschies, IT application developer of digitronic® computersysteme gmbh.

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HiCrypt™ 2.0 Data encryption for network drives and two-factor authentication using digitronic® USB Smartcard Tokens

On 1st July 2015 our new product, HiCrypt™ 2.0 will be introduced to the market.Jetzt Neu HiCrypt 2.0 Neu

From now on two different versions of HiCrypt™ will be offered:

  • HiCrypt™ 2.0 *Standard Version / 199 € per license
  • HiCrypt™ 2.0 *with token support / 249 € per license

The new HiCrypt™ 2.0 offers the following features:

  • To increase the security of your data, HiCrypt™ 2.0 now also supports two-factor authentication using security tokens (token support).
  • In order to automatically implement the high security guidelines often required in company environments, HiCrypt™ 2.0 now offers the possibility to define individual password guidelines (password guideline).

All HiCrypt™ customers with a software maintenance contract who now want to use HiCrypt™ 2.0 with token support will receive the software free of charge. Please send a short mail to

After a data check you will receive a Feature Key to unlock the full power of HiCrypt™ 2.0. The required digitronic® USB Smartcard Tokens can be ordered directly from us for 60€/piece.

You do not have a software maintenance contract and still want to upgrade to HiCrypt™ 2.0 with token support? No problem. The following conditions apply:

  • Upgrade per license for 50 €/net
  • digitronic® USB Smartcard Token 60 €/net
  • order via:

Feel free to contact our sales team if you have any questions.

Prices shown are without 19% VAT.

Download data sheet HiCrypt™ 2.0

June 24 th, 2015 lecture on the topic: IT product security at suppliers to the automotive industry

The production industry is subjected to constant change. For the company's success, it is important toThemenwerkstatt Produktion der Zukunft perceive trends and to act in time. Therefore, the Economic Development Bochum GmbH offers events that promote networking and technology transfer. One of these formats is the workshop  - production of the future -, which picks up cross-cutting issues in regular intervals, the treatment of the companies allows a competitive  advantage.

Together with the network nrw.uniTS you will deal with the question how to secure the digitized production of communication equipment between themselves  and with the goods produced by them to the outside and set at the same time that they also only communicate what they should. The event is specifically tailored to the needs of professionals in the field of technology and production.

Mr. Kirchhoff will demonstrate a best practice example and talk about IT product safety in the automotive industry.

Participation in the workshop is free and registration is possible until June 17, 2015. Please login with your company name , your full name and your contact details via email.

Download agenda

reference: Wirtschaftsförderung Bochum Wifö GmbH


Lecture: Chemnitz2020

Chemnitz2020At May 21st 2015 for the first time the event „Chemnitz 2020 – forum for cooperation, innovation   & networks„ took place at the fair ground of Messe Chemnitz as a presentation platform of business-related services  

72 exhibitors from different service sectors thereby gave presentations to the visitors. In three forums speakers from business, science and associations occurred with their imaginative solutions to the issues of innovation, collaboration and networking. Announced by the presenter as a representative of the regional office of the Federal Association for IT security TeleTrusT, Mr. Kirchhoff gave a lecture on the topic "Mobile devices securely in the production environment – an utopia?".


Picture: P3N Marketing GmbH

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Lecture: MyCapp ™ and the human 2020

innteract 2015


On the 7th and 8th of May 2015 the interact conference 2015 was held at the Technical University of Chemnitz. Under the theme "Human 2020 ' the innteract was a successful event due to a mixture of lectures from business, science and associations. This meeting was aimed at visionaries, sceptics, developers and designers of the future, which deal with innovation, technology and ergonomics of future work environments.

Mr. Kirchhoff had a lecture on "mobile devices in the production field - MyCapp™ an utopia?", which he presented on Friday. In his presentation Mr. Kirchhoff suggested to bring mobile devices, privacy and usability in the manufacturing environment in harmony. The presented digitronic MyCapp ™ - technology will in future extremely simplify the development of cross-platform apps in compliance with the strictest security requirements in industrial environments. Finally, he demonstrated a first prototype of an emergency push button with an android and windows Phone, and encouraged the audience to contact digitronic if there will be a project request with specific application requirements.



Picture: TU Chemnitz/ Professur Arbeitswissenschaft
und Innovationsmanagement (aw&I)

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Presentation "mobile terminals in the production field - MyCapp™ an utopia?" - M. Kirchhoff, CEO of digitronic® - in the frame program at the forum Chemnitz 2020 on 21. May 2015

Chemnitz, May 8th, 2015: Presentation "mobile terminals in the production field - MyCapp™ an utopia?"

Mobile terminals have become an integral part in the professional context: Complex contexts are illustrated by means of tablet when advising citizens, clients or patients, with smartphones photos are generated and shared. Herewith, access to the company's own IT structure is a basic requirement. In addition, numerous individual use cases exist, which are characterized by specific needs of companies and employees.

In this context, the principle BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) gains in relevance whereupon private mobile terminals such as laptops, tablets or smartphones are integrated in the companies’ networks. In the production background, we find nowadays similar assignments of tasks. Mobile devices shall be used, if possible, independent of operating systems and device manufacturers as a secure "extended arm" of the output process efficiently. This procedure is cost-efficient, environmentally sustainable and brings more comfort and flexibility to the companies. It has however at the same time the essential disadvantage that those security standards generally do not apply for any device that in company environments is considered as absolutely necessary.

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Chemnitz 2020

digitronic® made the jury list of the competition "Grand Award of Medium-Sized Enterprises" 2015

Chemnitz, May 8th, 2015: digitronic® made the jury list of the competition "Grand Award of Medium-Sized Enterprises" 2015Großer Preis des Mittelstandes

The main office of the Oskar Patzelt foundation in Leipzig briefed digitronic computersysteme gmbh Chemnitz that the company has successfully reached the second level of the jury list of the competition "Grand Award of Medium-Sized Enterprises" 2015. 815 companies have fulfilled the award criteria out of the circle of 5,009 nominated. Now 14 juries discuss which company shall be honored this year as being finalist or prize winner or receive a special price.

Since 25 years digitronic develops in Chemnitz software and hits the "security nerve" of many companies currently with HiCrypt™ and the 2 factor authentication solution secure logon. Just on the evening of the award ceremonies (5. September 2015) the prize winners shall be announced.

Additional information:

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TCA Thomann Distribution AG located in Muri, Switzerland and German software security specialist digitronic computersysteme gmbh signed a distribution agreement.

Muri - Chemnitz, April 15th, 2015: digitronic computersysteme gmbh signed a distribution agreement.

TCA Thomann Distriuburtion AG

digitronic®, a German software manufacturer, has entered in a partnership with TCA Thomann Distribution AG regarding distribution of the encryption software HiCrypt™. The aim is to achieve a faster market penetration by using additional sales activities. TCA Thomann, with headquarters in Muri, is operating successfully for more than 25 years in IT and distribution.

"HiCrypt™ has convinced us after extensive testing not only practically in its application, but also conceptually", says Maik Thomann, Managing Director of TCA Thomann Distribution AG. "We will further expand our product range with this agreed co-operation through another manufacturer, who can assure our global partners and customers with a "no backdoor guarantee" in all of its products and solutions."

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2015 IT INDUSTRY AWARD - MyCapp™ is one of the best innovations in the IT industry.

Chemnitz, April 15th, 2015: 2015 IT INDUSTRY AWARD - MyCapp™ is one of the best innovations in the IT industry.

Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH awarded for the tenth time the INDUSTRY AWARD to innovative andLogo Industriepreis IT advanced industrial companies. The award recognizes outstanding German-speaking companies once a year, which rise to the current global challenges in the industry with especially smart and beneficial products and business strategies. MyCapp™ could score again in time for the start of the Hannover fair. "Congratulations, your product has convinced and belongs in the category "IT & software solutions for the industry" to the best", it was said last Monday in an e-mail. A well-known expert jury of professors, scientists, industry experts and journalists examined also this year all entries on their technological, economic, environmental or social benefits. "The fact that within a few weeks we have been given the second award, is an indication of the high degree of innovation of solutions coming from our house," says Peter Liebing.

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Innovation Award IT 2015 - MyCapp™ impressed and belongs to the best

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The Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport visited digitronic® at the CeBIT 2015.

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An innovation to cap it all!

At Security Plaza at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, digitronic will be celebrating the premiere of MyCapp, an app that relocates digital privacy to a logical level not dependent on specific devices.

Although once viewed with suspicion in business circles, it’s now difficult to imagine daily working life without mobile end devices. However, access to internal corporate IT structures, particularly while maintaining security standards, is a major challenge for administrators. Added to that, the concept of BYOD (bring your own device) is becoming increasingly relevant; after all, private end devices are now expected to support the same security standards that have long been considered absolutely indispensable in the corporate environment.

Nonetheless, some people are wary of BYOD as they feel the security risk cannot be completely eliminated. But now, at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, the MyCapp project from digitronic is set to quash preconceptions like these once and for all. MyCapp relocates digital privacy to a logical level that is not dependent on the device or operating system. Because companies can also expand the functionality of the app, personal devices can be used securely and without restriction for work tasks while maintaining employees’ privacy. Thanks to this solution, there’s no longer any need to juggle two expensive devices at the same time!

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