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The digital world has turned once concrete things into digital data. Non-cash payment and e-mailing have become common use. Instead of filing cabinets we now use servers or clouds to store data. The treasures, competence and knowledge of your company therefore need to be protected from falling into the wrong hands. With our confidentiality solutions we can prevent unauthorized access.


Today’s world is unimaginable without electronic communication. Nowadays, data packages are everywhere: In your production processes, phone calls or e-mail traffic. But are these channels safe? What if someone can access your data, listen to your conversations or steal it? What happens with your communication system during a system or power breakdown? 25 years of experience in dealing with these questions and problems are our expertise and your way to a safe and reliable communication.


Does your production process or ISO certificate require a complete data log? Do you need to classify access to cleanrooms or special items? Our sophisticated yet comfortable access solutions guarantee the security level and overview necessary for your business. With our two-step verification software you no longer need to worry about lost keys – nowadays RFID, smart phones or ID cards serve as identification token and make access gratification and denial easy and secure.


Your employees are working all over the globe and need secure access to corporate data? Your financial accounting is stored in the cloud? With the ongoing digitalization, you have to manage many challenges and opportunities in the next years. In this process, you can rely on our engineers. They have experience and expertise in finding the best solution for your business.

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