All-Round Worry-Free Packages & Prices

We offer 4 attractive package prices* for our all-in-one compliance solution. The packages include all hardware and software components for the specified number of workstations required for the jointly developed solution. They also include support services (consulting, testing and rollout) to the specified extent.

All-In-One 5

- Up to 5 workstations
- Up to 1 day of on-site support services

3.995 €

All-In-One 15

- Up to 15 workstations
- Up to 2 days of on-site support services

8.995 €

All-In-One 100

- Up to 100 workstations
- Up to 6 days of on-site support services

34.995 €

All-In-One C

- Over 100 workstations
- Support services: number of days by arrangement

upon request











Are you feeling under pressure because your audit is just around the corner or you are up against a similar deadline? With this expedited option, we guarantee to develop and implement the package within 15 working days. Simply add 20 per cent to the listed package prices.


Software Maintenance Contracts

The annual costs for software maintenance are 20 per cent of the respective package price.

The basic term of the software maintenance contracts is 36 months. This protects your investment for at least three years and gives us the resources we need to undertake any necessary adjustments or further developments on an ongoing basis.

* All prices are subject to statutory value-added tax. The specified working days are upper limits; unclaimed days are forfeited. Additional working days require a separate contract.

We would also be happy to solve your individual IT security problem with you. Simply contact us at +49 371 81539-0 or write to us at

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