A statement about encryption (1:33 minutes)


Businesses are increasingly choosing to digitally map their operations, customer relationship and HR processes. But where is all this data stored? Typically on servers that aren’t fully protected from malware or in the Cloud. Both of these leave highly sensitive business data open to external attacks from data thieves and vulnerable to unauthorised access from the inside by administrators.

You can effectively protect yourself against these threats with our All-In-One Compliance Packages. The packages are based on state-of-the-art technologies and draw on our 20 years of experience in developing, consulting on, and operating IT security solutions.

Our award-winning network drive data encryption provides the technical foundation for the packages, which can be combined with our two-factor authentication. Our customers continually report that our solutions are both intuitive to use and easy to install and administer.

There are many questions that need to be addressed together with you: For example, do you need a client, terminal server or floating licence? And which of our security tokens is the best choice for you, or can we integrate one of your existing tokens that is already used for other applications? By working through these and other questions together with you, we will develop a solution suited to your needs at a fixed price. You can test the resulting product and, if you wish, we can offer on-site installation support at your offices.

Whether you want to strengthen the security for your confidential construction and development data, your management or HR data, our All-In-One Compliance Packages are a highly effective step towards improving your organisation’s information security. Whether you’re seeking ISO 27001 certification, undergoing an Information Security Assessment (ISA) audit by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) or working to meet the requirements set out by the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), we can offer you a secure and quick-to-implement solution.

Put us to the test – our All-In-One Compliance Packages have proven themselves hundreds of times in practice.


The combination of network drive encryption and strong two-factor authentication offers a high level of security to protect your data from unauthorised access.

We support certified authentication in a wide range of forms, from RFID cards and active smart cards (card or USB token) to our latest innovation: a login solution using a smartphone (prototype).


We’ll provide you with close support throughout the whole process, from the initial consultation to delivery of a fully functional solution. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. You can even test it in your own IT environment. We are also happy to support you during the roll-out process and in training administrators and users.


Packages/ Scope of Service/ Prices *

The packages include all necessary hardware and software components for the specified number of workstations for the collaboratively developed solution. In addition, you receive the support services (consulting, testing and roll-out support) as specified.

All-In-One 5

- Up to 5 workstations
- Up to 1 day of on-site support services

3.995 €

All-In-One 15

- Up to 15 workstations
- Up to 2 days of on-site support services

8.995 €

All-In-One 100

- Up to 100 workstations
- Up to 6 days of on-site support services

34.995 €

All-In-One C

- Over 100 workstations
- Support services: number of days by arrangement

upon request


Are you feeling under pressure because your audit is just around the corner or you are up against a similar deadline? With this expedited option, we guarantee to develop and implement the package within 15 working days. Simply add 20 per cent to the listed package prices.

Software Maintenance Contracts

The annual costs for software maintenance are 20 per cent of the respective package price.

The basic term of the software maintenance contracts is 36 months. This protects your investment for at least three years and gives us the resources we need to undertake any necessary adjustments or further developments on an ongoing basis.

* All prices are subject to statutory value-added tax. The specified working days are upper limits; unclaimed days are forfeited. Additional working days require a separate contract.

Have we sparked your interest? - We look forward to working together to solve your specific needs!

You can reach our sales team via email. More information on our All-In-One packages is available here.

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