MyCapp™ is an app that transfers the need for digital confidentiality into a logical, device-independent shift. Well-though-out algorithms provide for the implementation of a security guideline that is adequate to several demands. MyCapp™ thus harmonises the business use of private end-devices with the companies data protection guidelines. This makes it possible to use personal devices securely without restriction for professional tasks. At the same time the employees' private sphere is respected and there is no need for expensive second devices that are coordinated with each other.

Stated succinctly: „one app - all devices“.

Financial benefit:

  • "one app – all devices" facilitates use in any IT-infrastructures
  • BYOD can be implemented in companies while assuring data protection and data security
  • Users no longer need any second devices, private devices can be used for business purposes
  • There are no restrictions to the scope of function and possible uses
  • Support costs and costs for constant new purchases are eliminated

Social benefit:

  • Users can continue using their familiar, personal mobile end-devices and do not need
    to get used to new operating systems or devices
  • The protection of one's own private sphere against the company leads to more well-being and confidence among the users
  • The security of the companies own intranet and that of company-related content on the device
    is guaranteed, private apps cannot access company data
  • Individual adaption to any devices for already established industrial processes and their active interaction according to strictly prescribed security guidelines

MyCapp™ opperates in govermental environment and the internet of things.

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Awards and Prizes

INDUSTRIEPREIS-IT 2015 - MyCapp™ one of the best innovations in the IT industry
INNOVATIONSPREIS -IT 2015 - MyCapp™ belongs in the category " Apps " to be the best
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