Protect research and development data

With our all-in-one solution for IT security we offer a secure, convenient and user-related logon to IT systems and applications for the research and development sector. But our digital security package can do even more:

  • secure authentication and cryptographic security
  • the protection of confidential research and development data is guaranteed
  • strong 2-factor authentication for secure and convenient logon to operating systems and applications
  • supports many different tokens
  • encryption of sensitive data on network drives, in standard or enterprise versions, for your IT infrastructure of any size

Who benefits from the solution?

  • companies with their own research and development department
  • research companies that have to guarantee their clients comprehensive data protection
  • companies that have to stand up to an audit

Why is digital security so important in the research and development sector?

Companies need to manage and store their research and development data with particular care and protection against unauthorized access. In the face of partners and suppliers, a wide variety of development areas are increasingly responsible for implementing the requirements of comprehensive data protection, while at the same time ensuring that it is efficient and productive in the long term. A comprehensive security strategy is essential here.

The need for improvement in technical IT security measures is often only recognised when it is too late or when the auditor is already at the door in the event of an audit. Those who can prove that they are protecting their research and development data from unauthorized access have a decisive competitive advantage.

What we can do for you

We support you with requirement conformity and stable software solutions that have been developed for more than 15 years.

Our All-In-One Security Packages combine these technologies with on-site support services. We will be happy to work closely with you from the development of the solution to its implementation.

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