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IT security and powerful communication for modern administration

Work safely with high user acceptance

digitronic is a German IT developer and service provider. Founded in Chemnitz in 1990, digitronic develops software and systems for communication and IT security, especially for public authorities and major customers. We produce solutions which are oriented towards specific customer requirements and have more than 30 years of experience, especially in the police and governmental environment.

This is what we can offer you:

Our goal: Digital freedom without risk

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You can achieve this:

  • Complete data security also in the home office
  • Encryption of sensitive data on network drives
  • Secure and comfortable login to operating systems and applications
  • Digitalized office management without media breaches
  • Permanent traceability of all actions
  • Audit compliance

For whom is the application useful?


Administration centers

Public institutions

Companies that use various communication services


Shhh… Strictly confidential!
The new generation of network drive encryption

HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and ensures that only those in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data. The software is installed in a few minutes, the handling is very easy and in contrast to common container encryption solutions, several persons can access the encrypted shares at the same time.

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Comfortable login and security on PC systems without long passwords

Strong passwords make it difficult for hackers, but create frustration among users and support costs if they mistype them several times. SmartLogon™ solves these problems in a clever way and ensures a fast, secure and comfortable login on end devices.

SmartLogon™ is a 2-factor authentication solution for companies with 5 to 50,000 employees. The installation as well as the central rollout to several workstations is done in a few minutes. Integrated session monitoring ensures that device access is blocked as soon as the SecurityToken is no longer connected (e.g. because the employee has moved away from the device).


You can enjoy the advantages of both solutions with our All-In-One security packages.


Powerful communication for modern administration

digitronic UMS is a unified messaging solution which can be fully integrated into any mail system. Thus, calls, fax messages, e-mails or SMS can be received, processed and sent under a uniform and familiar interface. The graphic differentiation of the individual message types and the possibility of mobile access to the mailbox memory ensure that you always have an overview and no message is lost.

With digitronic UMS you design your internal and external communication more efficiently and optimize your work processes. This enables you to react more flexibly to the wishes of customers and business partners.

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Message transmission fast and secure

In an official environment – such as police stations, Bundeswehr departments or in disaster control – but also in companies with special security requirements, the reliable and audit-proof transmission of messages is a must and is subject to the strictest security guidelines.

For almost 30 years digitronic has been developing and refining software solutions for the secure communication of authorities and companies – from practice for practice. WinTelex EP is a software that was designed especially for the requirements of formal police communication according to PDV 810 and 810.1. It offers multiple transmission paths, security against the dial-in of third parties and the constant traceability of all actions.

You can find more information in our Fact-Sheet Administration & Authorities.


Our sales and support team will be happy to advise you on our IT security solutions for modern administration. Simply contact us or arrange a presentation appointment.

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Foto Benjamin Prskawetz

Benjamin Prskawetz
T.I.S.P. Consultant IT Security
Sales & Technical Customer Service