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Data security in the healthcare sector

Doctors and medical staff perform outstandingly every day. Dealing with sensitive patient data in a trustworthy manner is a major challenge. Operators of critical infrastructures (CRITIS) are particularly in a predicament: data security must be guaranteed, but it must also remain manageable in the stressful daily work routine.

We are your certified partner for IT security and ensure with our specially developed 2-factor authentication solution SmartLogon™ that …

… PC workstations (including station PCs) are no longer left unattended.
… no unauthorized person can gain access to the PC workstations of your hospital employees.
… logging on to PCs and specialist applications is simple and secure without password frustration.

In conjunction with our HiCrypt™ encryption solution, all important patient data can also be stored securely and encrypted on a separate network drive, providing reliable protection against unauthorized persons and hackers.

The solutions can be purchased individually or in attractive bundles in the form of our All-In-One Compliance Packages.

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What you achieve:

  • Secure authentication and cryptographic protection for critical IT systems according to § 8a (2) BSIG
  • Convenient and secure logon to ward PCs and specialist applications using token and short PIN
  • Depending on the token and reader used, automatic locking of the ward PC in the event of removal
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of patient data
  • Protection of your staff against unintentional data protection breaches

For whom is the application useful?

Operator of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) in the medical environment

IT managers in hospitals, medical care centers, etc.

Slim but powerful!

The solutions are slim, integrate easily into your existing environment and offer an extremely high protection factor.

Use existing technology

Do you already have transponders or smart cards for locking systems or canteens? We will gladly check existing tokens for compatibility to avoid new purchases.

Single or package

The software solutions can be operated individually or purchased in an attractive bundle. In both cases, implementation is possible in the shortest possible time.

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Never forget to lock the computer again – even if it has to be done quickly

Thanks to special Bluetooth readers (such as the AirID and AirID 2 Mini from certgate*) the logout from the station PC can be automated. As soon as the specified distance between the PC and the token is exceeded, the computer locks itself automatically. The wireless smartcards can be worn comfortably on a trouser or key ring, making it impossible to forget them at work. This makes the solutions particularly attractive in the healthcare sector, where a quick change of workplace is required.

Further information can be found in our Fact-Sheet Healthcare.


Our sales and support team will be happy to advise you on our IT security solutions to protect your patient data. Simply contact us or arrange a presentation appointment.

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Foto Benjamin Prskawetz

Benjamin Prskawetz
T.I.S.P. Consultant IT Security
Sales & Technical Customer Service