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Reliable data encryption with HiCrypt™

Unencrypted data is a risk for your company on several levels. For example, data can be stolen by criminals or misused internally by unauthorised individuals. Administrators in particular often feel exposed to the general suspicion that they can see everything in the company. 

Therefore, ensure more digital privacy in your company now! HiCrypt™ not only protects your company data externally, but also develops access management for your fellow employees under their own responsibility, even independently of the IT administration.

Use HiCryptto encrypt data on network drives (or UNC-mounted folders) and ensure that only the group of people in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data. No additional training process is required for users, as HiCryptruns completely invisibly in the background so that they can continue to work in their familiar Windows environment.

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Download directly here and test free of charge for 30 days:

HiCryptis ideal for implementing legal requirements in accordance with European GDPR standards, ISO 27001, TiSax and NIS-2. Of course, you can also secure sensitive data from groups worthy of protection in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. This makes HiCryptthe ideal solution for network drive encryption for companies in critical infrastructure and all companies that protect data in their HR, administration or finance departments. 


Practical example: Saarland Police Medical Service

There is no absolute security, but we have done everything possible for it. HiCrypt™ ensures that police officers’ medical data can be managed securely and is only accessible to authorized persons.

Krämer, person responsible for the technical implementation, Medical Service Police Saarland


How HiCrypt™ works –
simply explained!


Secure and user-friendly: With HiCrypt™, there is no change to the way users are accustomed to working. Documents are automatically encrypted and decrypted depending on permissions.

Produktvideo – So schützt HiCrypt™ Ihr Unternehmen


More than just encryption: Various features cover different use cases and bring both security and convenience to your employees’ workstations.


Advantages of HiCrypt™ at a glance:

  • Encryption service for endpoints & terminal servers
  • Various file servers are supported, such as Windows Server, SAMBA, Synology NAS, QNAP NAS and many more
  • Also protects data in online storage (DropBox, Google, etc.)
  • Enables decentralized team access, even worldwide & on the road
  • Can be fully integrated into existing environments, no training required for end users
  • Separation of powers & key ownership guarantee without backdoors

For whom?

SMEs and industrial companies that store confidential data

Healthcare (hospitals, health insurance companies, group practices,…)

Administrations and authorities

Companies with critical infrastructures (CRITIS)

HiCrypt™ protects your company from these threats:

Misuse of data content

Data theft & industrial espionage

Suspicions of personnel working administratively

DSGVO & compliance uncertainties

What is confidential data?

You can find out more about what confidential data is and why the usual Windows tools are usually not enough to protect it from espionage and misuse in our blog post on “Encryption as a central component of IT security”.


HiCrypt™ – All important information

Download the latest version of HiCrypt™ Professional here.

Did you already know? As a new customer you can test the encryption solution free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. After 30 days the license will expire automatically, you don’t have to care about anything else, unless you want to renew or buy the software. In that case, please just contact our sales team.

If you register with us now as a new prospective customer, you will ensure the following benefits during the trial period:

✓ Excellent support from our friendly staff.
✓ Free advice from our IT security experts

Product Key version

Filename: HiCrypt.exe
Size: 8,42 MB
Version: 2.4.7
Published on: July 6th 2023

Floating version

Filename: HiCrypt.msi
Size: 8,74 MB
Version: 2.4.8
Published on: January 25th 2024

All-in-one-package for your information and data security

For even more protection, our HiCrypt™ encryption solution is also available as an all-in-one compliance package in conjunction with our SmartLogon™ 2-factor authentication, including hardware, installation support, maintenance and support. This gives you all-round protection for your data from a single source, direct from the manufacturer.

Reliable encryption of sensitive information

HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and enables convenient and secure teamwork. The encryption and decryption of files takes place directly on the PC in the familiar user environment. This means that both the data transfer to the storage location and the file storage itself are encrypted and only authorized persons can view the information. The data is encrypted using standardized, recognized encryption methods. More detailed information on the algorithms used can be found here.

Key possession guarantee without a back door

Our promise as a certified manufacturer of IT security solutions: With HiCrypt™, you alone manage the access permissions to the encrypted data. You decide who from your company can decrypt the data. Neither we nor anyone else but you has control over the key information to the protected data. This is your key-ownership guarantee!

Working together in a familiar environment

Unlike conventional container encryption solutions, HiCrypt™ still allows several people to access encrypted network drives simultaneously – provided, of course, that they have the appropriate access rights. Since HiCrypt™ is simply displayed as another network drive in Explorer, there is no change to the familiar working environment for your employees.

Integrated user management for flexible assignment of rights

Integrated user management allows additional users to be granted access to the encrypted content – independent of local or domain user accounts. This enables user administration even without administrative privileges. The security of your data thus remains in your hands.

HiCrypt™ in the cloud

With HiCrypt™, you can also store your data securely from unauthorized access in the cloud and share it with your colleagues or customers as needed. Terminal server services can also be further qualified and made more secure by HiCrypt™. The highest DSGVO compliance is achieved, as no information is stored unencrypted with external service providers. By supporting terminal server environments, HiCrypt™ can be used for any variation of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) applications.

Emergency recovery options (disaster recovery)

HiCrypt™ offers several options for repairing network drives should they become damaged or inaccessible. With a recovery key that can be exported directly after the initial encryption of a network drive, it is also possible to restore the network drive at any time.

Protection of your administrators in case of suspicion

Since HiCrypt™ key management is only performed by people who are exclusively responsible for the confidentiality of data content (e.g. CEO), administrators are excluded from suspicion of knowing data content they are not supposed to know.

Support for individual corporate security policies

HiCrypt™ can be easily adapted to individual security policies in terms of password security. Access to encrypted shares can be done by manually entering user name and password or additionally secured by a security token (e.g. a Smartcard). You can find out which tokens are currently supported by HiCrypt™ here. In addition, the use of a 4-eyes principle is supported for all administrative measures.

Quickly installed, conveniently rolled out

HiCrypt™ is client-based and is installed on the computers where confidential data is worked with. There are no server components and neither complex IT infrastructures nor directory services are required. For a fast and efficient integration of HiCrypt™ into your daily work routine, the software supports so-called rollout strategies, where it can be installed automatically on the designated client computers.

More detailed information on the automatic distribution of HiCrypt™ can be found in our FAQs.

HiCrypt™ – Protect your sensitive data so quickly anywhere, anytime:

Download HiCrypt™
Roll out to devices via software distribution
Assign authorizations
Download HiCrypt™
Roll out to devices via software distribution
Assign authorizations

Supported operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10*
Microsoft Windows 11*
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016**
Microsoft Windows Server 2019**

* Depending on the use of the software, there may be restrictions (e.g. when attaching e-mail attachments via drag & drop).
** Currently not supported in conjunction with Secure Boot.

Terminal server environments:

HiCrypt™ is compatible for use in terminal server environments. HiCrypt™ can be configured in such a way that it can only be used for certain users. This reduces license costs, as a license only needs to be purchased for the actual number of sessions used.

For more information on configuring HiCrypt™ for terminal server environments, please refer to our FAQs.

System requirements:

HiCrypt™ does not impose any special requirements on the system’s hardware. The system requirements of the operating system apply. To use HiCrypt™, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 must be installed prior to its installation. HiCrypt™ itself encrypts data on network drives. At least one network drive must be connected for the software to take effect.

For the use of floating licenses, the following ZIP file is also required: HiCrypt (Floating). Instructions for using floating licenses can be found here: HiCrypt Floating Instructions

HiCrypt™ supports the following tokens for encrypting and decrypting documents for added security:

Legic Advant
Java Card OS 2.1.1, 2.2+, 3.0.1, 3.0.4
YubiKey 5

The following tokens are now vulnerable and are therefore no longer recommended for use for security reasons, but could be used from a functional point of view: MIFARE Classic, Legic Prime


The following algorithms with the specified key lengths are used as encryption methods.

AES (256bit)
Blowfish (448bit)
IDEA (128bit)

For more information on the encryption algorithms used, please refer to our FAQs.

Network protocols:

HiCrypt™ can encrypt network drives connected to standard Windows shares. Shares created with DFS (Distributed File System) are supported, but to encrypt network drives based on a share created with DFS, HiCrypt™ requires Windows 7 or later.

Network drives to shares shared with WEBDAV, analogous to DFS, are not fully supported until Windows 7 or later.

WEBDAV, in turn, is the most common way to connect online hard drives as network drives. HiCrypt™ currently supports only those online hard disks that are shared with WEBDAV and connected to the computer as a network drive.
Some online hard drive providers use their own software to connect a network drive to the online hard drive. In many cases, the standard redirector used by Microsoft is not used. Network drives connected in this way are not recognized by HiCrypt™ and are therefore not supported. In case of doubt, HiCrypt™ must be tested for compatibility with such software and the network drives connected to it. We will be happy to perform this test for you as part of our services.

Installation and rollout:

The HiCrypt™ setup file is an executable file created with InstallShield. This allows HiCrypt™ to be installed both manually and automatically. For this, the setup supports a so-called SILENT installation (or also called “Unattended Setup”). In this case, the installation is first carried out manually in the same way as it is to run automatically later. The manual installation is started on the command line by specifying parameters. A log file is created, which in turn must be specified as a parameter during the automatic installation. In this way, many software distribution systems are supported.

You can find more information about automatic distribution of HiCrypt™ in our FAQs.

You can choose the variant that suits you best from the following license types*. You are still undecided which solution is the right one for you? No problem! Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

Single user license:

With the single-user license, we offer a product key (license key) that can be used for activation on any number of systems (depending on the offer). One installation with one (simultaneous) user can be licensed at a time. A transfer of licenses is made possible by uninstallation (incl. deactivation).

Terminal server license:

With the terminal server license there is also a product key which must be generated, however, with the number of users to be logged on simultaneously (depending on the offer). So here concurrent users on one system are licensed.

Floating license:

One copy of the software can be installed on multiple devices. However, only as many software instances can be used simultaneously as there are floating licenses. For verification, the software establishes a connection to the WIBU license server.

Volume License (“Golden Key”):

With the volume license, the actual license is bound to the domain and can thus be used as often as desired. A registry value is then set on the systems themselves, which confirms that a corresponding key has been obtained.

*The minimum order quantity is 5 license activations each. Individual agreements can be made within the scope of project request. Simply contact us.

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Foto Benjamin Prskawetz

Benjamin Prskawetz
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