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Reliably protect research and development data

Companies want and need to manage and store their research and development data with special care and protected from unauthorized access. In relation to partners and suppliers, a wide range of development areas are increasingly responsible for implementing the requirements for comprehensive data protection, while at the same time ensuring that this is efficient and productive in the long term. This is not possible without a comprehensive security strategy.

The need for improvement in technical IT security measures is often only recognized when it is too late or when the auditor is already at the door in case of an audit. Those who can prove that they protect their research and development data from unauthorized access have a decisive competitive advantage.

With our all-in-one security packages, we offer secure, convenient and user-related logon to IT systems and applications as well as strong encryption of sensitive research and development data – whether in the office or home office.

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You can achieve this:

  • Protection of confidential research and development data
  • Encryption of sensitive data on network drives
  • Secure and comfortable login to operating systems and applications
  • Complete data security also in the home office
  • Audit compliance

For whom is the application useful?

Company with own research and development department

Research companies that must guarantee their clients comprehensive data protection

Companies that must withstand an audit

Integration capability

The all-in-one security packages for the protection of your confidential research and development data can be seamlessly integrated into and complement existing IT security concepts.


Decoupled access rights: Access rights to confidential data can be managed independently of IT administrator support. This protects your IT staff in case of suspicion.

Also safe at home

Offer your employees a smart and secure login to operating systems and specialist applications – whether within the company or from home.


You need to act quickly to secure the home office workstations of your employees?

Should it burn, for example, because you need to secure your employees’ home offices quickly, we guarantee with our “Get-Ready-Option” the development and implementation of the desired All-In-One-Compliance-Package within only 15 working days.

Digital freedom without risk:

Protecting confidential research and development data by storing it on encrypted network drives

Smart 2-factor authentication for secure and convenient logon to operating systems and specialist applications: Simply put on the token, enter a short PIN, and you’re done

Encryption of sensitive data on network drives, as standard or enterprise version for your IT infrastructure of any size

Supports many different tokens (also existing timecards or other smartcards)

Also suitable for quick user changes on shared PCs



Our sales and support team will be happy to advise you on our IT security solutions for protecting your research and development data. Simply contact us or arrange a presentation appointment.

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