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YubiKey 5 adds to portfolio of supported security tokens for SmartLogon™

Our software for strong 2-factor authentication supports a wide range of different security tokens. Since this year, the YubiKey 5 from the company Yubico also complements the portfolio of supported tokens. Thus digitronic takes a step towards “passwordless authentication”, but as usual without requiring a PKI or certificates.

The highlight: Secure logon via this method works in both local and domain accounts without any server extension or network availability.

Prototype of the new WinTelex version is created

The first prototype of our new WinTelex version emerges from the concept creation: Optimized for desktop and mobile devices. A later control via apps is planned.

Launch of the new SmartToken app

Stop password jungle and card clutter: SmartToken is an app for your smartphone that provides you with virtual security tokens for secure authentication to the operating system or specialist applications. In combination with the 2-factor authentication solution SmartLogon™, secure and simple authentication is possible without any additional hardware. The new app is now available for free download from the App Store and Google Play Store.


digitronic | Communication products | Security products

digitronic says THANK YOU for 30 years of loyalty

December is a very special month for us this year: Not only the excitement of Christmas makes our hearts beat faster, but also the fact that digitronic has been your contact for secure communication solutions and IT security for more than 30 years now. For 30 years, we have been passionate about developing IT solutions to make our customers’ everyday working lives a bit safer and more convenient.

We say THANK YOU for the trust you have placed in us so far, for inspiring and forward-looking discussions and challenging development projects. We are excited about what the next 30 years have in store for us and look forward to everything that is to come.

Communication solution from practice for practice

WinTelex EP – our solution for formal and secure communication in the official environment – is to receive a graphical and functional general overhaul. In close cooperation with the customers, the concept development is going on with a lot of momentum. The goal: Convenient but secure access to government systems in a self-explanatory look & feel.


digitronic | Communication products | Security products

digitronic is DCS Awards Winner

Our encryption solution HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services has won the 2020 DCS Award in the ICT Security Product of the Year category. The DCS Award recognizes the achievements of vendors and their business partners alike, and this year includes a broader range of categories for both infrastructure and information technology, designed to cover all major areas of the data center market in Europe.

Even smarter to use: Secure Logon™ 2.0 is now SmartLogon™

Due to the continuous development of the range of functions and usability, we have decided to rename our proven authentication solution Secure Logon™ 2.0 to SmartLogon™. Above all, the name reflects the innumerable possibilities offered by the integration of the SmartToken (i.e. registration via smartphone).


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The new generation of network drive encryption – launch of HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services

New and created for greatness: Based on our proven encryption solution HiCrypt™ 2.0 (now HiCrypt™ Professional), HiCrypt™ Enterprise Services now complements the HiCrypt™ family. Significant improvements in terms of user administration and centralized management of encrypted shares are just some of the advantages of the encryption solution. Larger IT infrastructures in particular benefit from the innovations and managed confidentiality. From now on, users can decide which HiCrypt™ is the right one for them.


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digitronic Formal communication

Delivering messages across national borders, within urgently defined deadlines with “guaranteed receipt” is a cornerstone of police tactical leadership. digitronic proves itself to be a continuous development and operating partner that assumes overall responsibility for a police procedure from a single source. With the implementation of the “Georedundancy” project, the risk of failure of the formal communication system EPOST810 has been significantly reduced over the last few years. digitronic is also facing up to the rapid pace of development of software technologies in 2018 and will meet future user requirements in a practical manner.

digitronic meets the requirements of IT security in the healthcare sector

Healthcare institutions classified under CRITIS must act by June 2019. From May 2018, the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU DSGVO) will also come into force. In order to comply with data protection and professional regulations, the requirements for IT security are also increasing in the healthcare sector. With our all-in-one security packages, we are helping hospitals and other medical facilities to better meet legal requirements. The technical basis of the packages is the award-winning, team-capable encryption of data on network drives HiCrypt™ 2.0 and the 2-factor authentication Secure Logon™ 2.0.


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digitronic UMS

Contrary to various forecasts, the EMS service “fax” is still an important part of corporate and government communication. In the midst of the conversion from ISDN to VoIP, digitronic’s unified messaging technology has proven itself for the provision of the services Fax/VoiceMail and SMS. Large computer centers, industry and public authorities are using the increased service competence and commission digitronic, for example, to provide nationwide end users with an alternative delivery in the form of mass “Print over IP delivery”. In 2018, digitronic will be used by major customers for the first time.

Award ceremony Saxon State Prizes for Innovation 2017

For the 19th time already, groundbreaking ideas and inventions of Saxon companies are honored with the Saxon State Prize for Innovation. digitronic was among the 10 best with Secure Logon™ 2.0 (2-factor authentication). Our innovation combines “possession” and “knowledge” to a secure and user-friendly solution. The possession of a “security key” that cannot be forged – such as a key fob, smart card or now the “prepared smartphone” and the knowledge of a PIN lead to a significant increase in security while simplifying the use at the same time.


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digitronic UMS 7.2 with new functions

August 2016 saw the release of UMS 7.2, our unified messaging solution that has been successfully established on the market since 1999. With digitronic UMS the services fax, voice mail and SMS are integrated into any e-mail environment. The highest level of comfort is offered without the need for additional client software. Special emphasis is placed on the increased requirements of our customers for legal security and verification. The new, extended functions include Support of multifunction printers, Qualified Fax Transmission Report, Qualified Fax Reception Report, PIN complexity monitoring in VoiceAccess and extended Outlook support.

Secure to AUDIT – All-In-One Compliance Packages

In order to implement data protection requirements, for example in the areas of the board of directors, management, personnel administration, works council, research, medical expert service and patent system, digitronic now offers the following complete packages: The digitronic All-In-One Compliance Packages include data encryption, 2-factor authentication, the necessary hardware keys as well as roll-out support at your site. This way you save costs & time and save resources of your administrators or IT service providers. With our hundred times successfully practiced support we deliver a missing piece of the puzzle to pass the audit according to ISO 27001.

Secure Logon™ 2.0 – Milestone for compliance-compliant data security

With the new development of Secure Logon™ 2.0 and the market release, instead of complex passwords, a PIN can be securely stored on a digitronic security token to authenticate on a PC, a network drive or a remote desktop connection (RDP). This leads to a considerable saving of time and consequently also costs. As a “comfort firecracker” for administrators, both the storage and the forwarding of several identities to remote environments via CRED-UI is possible without additionally installing Secure Logon™ 2.0 on the target systems.


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MyCappTM: one app -all devices -all use cases

MyCappTM is an app that shifts digital confidentiality into a logical, device-independent layer. The solution can be extended in its functionality by companies themselves and thus reconciles the business use of private end devices with the data protection guidelines of companies.

HiCrypt™ 2.0 – continuation of a success story

With HiCrypt™ 2.0 as its successor product, the encryption software HiCrypt™, which will be successfully launched on the market in 2012, digitronic consistently meets the demand for even more protection of confidential and secret data. By means of USB smartcard tokens HiCrypt™ 2.0 supports the 2-factor authentication (knowledge and possession). This means that scenarios can now also be implemented in which access to the protected data is only possible exclusively with a token and a suitable PIN.


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digitronic audit compliant automotive package

HiCrypt™ and Secure Logon meet the requirements for 2-factor authentication and encryption that automotive manufacturers require of their suppliers. A HiCrypt™ floating version is also available.


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digitronic UMS 7.x

Unified Messaging System 7.x sets standards as a multi-client capable cloud solution for cost savings. The direct Outlook integration with qualified transmission report replaces maintenance-intensive device technology at each workstation.


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HiCrypt™ replaces the product Crypted Group Share and sets new standards in security and comfort as encryption software for everyone.

Unified Messaging

With the takeover of the UMS THOR, digitronic secures the continued use of established unified messaging systems for secure communication for long-standing customers.


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Steffen Ranft, co-founder and long-time manager in the company, becomes managing director for the development division.


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Secure communication

The pKommBox, a preconfigured server with which the police service regulation for formal communication is implemented, is launched on the market.


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Crypted Group Share, Extended Device Blocker and the Token Management System extend the portfolio of the Authention Suite, the various modules are thus combined to form a comprehensive digitronic Security Suite.


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digitronic develops Secure Logon for the comfortable logon to PCs with badges and develops a concept for the multifunctional workstation of the police of a federal state.


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Market entry

The first own product WinTelex is developed, laying the foundation for future unified messaging developments. WinTelex enables Windows workstations in many police and civil protection services and is established as a telex replacement system in many federal states. In the same year the sales and support company digitronic Berlin is founded for SuperFax and WinTelex.


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Matthias Kirchhoff and Steffen Ranft are enthusiastic about Martens’ innovative technology and thus about the founding of digitronic Chemnitz GmbH – the project starts with a handshake at CeBIT.


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Claus Martens founds digitronic computersysteme GmbH near Hamburg, which specializes in microcomputers, control technology and communication for telex and fax exchanges.