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Funding programs from the European Union, the federal government and the states provide grants to support small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in implementing digitization projects. The digitization of a company’s most diverse business processes in particular can quickly become a marathon – in terms of organization, time and finances. With the help of a wide variety of funding programs, you can get support to improve your information security, take advantage of consulting services or even renew infrastructure.

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2 Examples for your future digitization project *

Example 1: Improve information security

Improve your information security by securing your Windows sign-in using 2-factor authentication (e.g. with our SmartLogon™ solution). Also secure your confidential customer, company, product and project data e.g. using our HiCrypt™ network drive encryption.

Example 2: Drive procurement

Replacing old IT infrastructures to improve information security can be subsidized by up to 50%. The procurement of new hardware or software licenses individually customized to your company are also fundable costs.

* Examples may vary depending on the funding program. Please contact your provider at the federal or state level for specific information.

Digitization funding – 3 reasons to get started:

Customer is already digital

Do you want to keep up with the market? Then take your chance to give your company new momentum with a digitization grant. Your customer may have already started to do so.

Grant funding without repayment

Grant funding is distinguished from loan funding by the fact that you get to keep 100% of the grant amount. No hidden repayment clauses.

Your competitive advantage

Quite simply: If you do not use the subsidy, your competitor may receive a grant and can thus ensure a competitive advantage with additional capital.

Do you want to implement a specific digitization project?
Let us advise you on how we can help you improve your information security. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Avoiding stumbling blocks when applying for funding *

  • No funding for implementation of legal requirements, e.g. DSGVO
  • No project start without commitment or receipt of application from the funding body
  • No funding for “companies in difficulty
  • Rental costs often not eligible for funding
  • Observe de minimis upper limit
  • Permanent establishment must be located in the federal state
  • No multiple funding of the same project in different funding programs
  • Start-ups often excluded (start-ups can obtain information from start-up subsidies)

* Bitte beachten Sie die individuellen Richtlinien zu den Förderprojekten der EU, des Bundes oder der Länder.

5 Zieletappen zu Ihrer Förderung

5 target stages to your promotion

– 1 –
Find a funding program that fits your digitization project (→ here)

– 2 –
Prepare application

– 3 –
Submit application

– 4 –
Realization of your digitization project

– 5 –
Receive grant or payment


We would be happy to advise you on how you can improve your information security in the course of digitization and look forward to hearing from you.

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Grit Eltner
Management Assistant & Funding Specialist