2-Factor-Authentication SmartLogon™

Strong passwords make it difficult for hackers, but create frustration for users and support costs if mistyped several times. We solve these problems in a smart way and ensure a fast, secure as well as convenient logon to end devices and applications.

SmartLogon™ is a 2-factor authentication solution for SMEs, industry, administration and government, healthcare facilities and many more. User login is implemented with two factors: Something you know (short PIN) and something you have (security token). Installation as well as central rollout to multiple workstations is done in minutes. Integrated session monitoring ensures that device access is blocked as soon as the Security Token is no longer connected. This means that no PC is left unsecured.

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Why 2-factor authentication?


Interview with Matthias Kirchhoff – 2-factor authentication (2FA) makes unauthorized access to PCs and applications much more difficult. With the right solution, however, the user himself hardly notices anything.

Product video – How SmartLogon™ works


High user acceptance guaranteed – SmartLogon™ ensures pleasure instead of frustration when logging on to the PC. Because with digitronic’s solution, you no longer have to remember complicated passwords and are still protected against unauthorized access.


Advantages of SmartLogon™ at a glance:

  • Security of complex passwords, simplicity of a PIN
  • Can be rolled out and configured centrally
  • Easy self-service and minimal administrative overhead
  • No PKI required
  • Password administration still possible via Windows on-board tools
  • Different tokens are supported

For whom?

SMEs with 5 to several thousand employees

Healthcare (hospitals, healthcare facilities, laboratories,…)

Administrations and authorities

Companies with critical infrastructures (CRITIS)

SmartLogon™ protects your company from these threats:

Dissatisfied employees due to complicated password structures

Hacker attack on your user accounts and thus loss of identity

Data theft and industrial espionage

Penalties or loss of contract due to non-compliance regarding secure authentication procedures


4 simple steps to secure authentication:


Download SmartLogon™ installation package
go to the download area here


Select & Set Up Security Token


Roll out to devices via software distribution


Secure authentication on PCs, specialist applications & web portals from now on

2-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit

Security Token – Which one is right for you?

There are many options for choosing the right security token for your 2-factor authentication – from smartcards or key fobs to USB tokens and your own smartphone. You decide for yourself which is the right one for you. You can find a little help in deciding in our article Security tokens for 2-factor authentication in comparison (German).

Are you already using chip-based time and attendance, electronic access control, an alarm system or employee ID cards with credit for the canteen? With SmartLogon™, you don’t need to procure new tokens in many cases. We will be happy to check existing hardware for compatibility.

Click here to find out which tokens are supported by SmartLogon™ as standard.


Practical example: FEP Fahrzeugelektrik Pirna GmbH

In order to meet the latest requirements also in the secure login to the operating system, we have decided to protect the workplaces of our employees by means of Secure Logon™ 2.0. The software from digitronic® provides us with a secure and simple login solution using 2-factor authentication.


SmartLogon™ – All important information

Due to the continuous development of the feature set and usability, we have decided to rename our proven authentication solution Secure Logon™ 2.0 to SmartLogon™. This name change does not affect the installation file.

Download the latest version of SmartLogon™ here.

Did you know? As a new customer, you can test the 2-factor authentication solution for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. After 30 days the license expires automatically, you don’t have to care about anything else, unless you want to extend it. In this case please contact our sales team.

If you register with us now as a new prospective customer, you will ensure the following benefits during the trial period:

✓ Excellent support from our friendly staff.
✓ Free advice from our IT security experts
✓ Free loan of hardware (token + reader, if applicable)

Size: 87,1 MB
Published on: May 28th 2024

Secure Logon 2 Version 2.5.10
Token Engine Version 1.2.7

Notes on the required hardware (tokens):
The installation file “” is preset for use with RFID tokens (MIFARE DESFire).

To use the software in conjunction with PIV tokens (e.g. YubiKey 5), please download the installation package “” by clicking on the following button:

To use the software in conjunction with our SmartToken app, please download the installation package “” by clicking on the following button:

All-in-one-package for your information and data security

For even more protection, our SmartLogon™ 2-factor authentication solution is also available as an all-in-one compliance package in conjunction with our HiCrypt™ software for network drive encryption, including hardware, installation support, maintenance and support. This gives you all-round protection for your data from a single source, direct from the manufacturer.

Audit-compliant access protection through 2-factor authentication

SmartLogon™ uses 2-factor and strong cryptography to protect your PC login from misuse. Authentication at the workstation computer is no longer done with username and password, but with a security token and a short, simple PIN. With the introduction of SmartLogon™, you met auditors’ requirements for a secure logon solution.

Integrated session monitoring for even more data protection

SmartLogon™ protects your sensitive customer and company data from misuse, theft and manipulation: thanks to integrated session monitoring, the computer is automatically locked as soon as an employee leaves the workstation with their token. This ensures that no computer is left open.

Work securely even in the home office

With SmartLogon™, you can connect via remote desktop from any workstation using your credentials. This also makes it easy to switch devices and securely access the terminal server from anywhere.


KeePass Plugin

By integrating a KeePass plugin into our 2-factor authentication solution, SmartLogon™ not only provides you with strong authentication software, but also a secure SSO for local installations and web portals. With the tool, new KeePass databases can be easily protected with a token (e.g. a smartcard, USB token or other key) and are then reliably secured against misuse of the master password.

Multi-account capability for maximum flexibility

Need to authenticate with different accounts and different permissions? With SmartLogon™, that’s no problem. Depending on the token type, up to 20 different accounts can be linked. An absolute plus, especially for administrators.

Securing accounts in the cloud with SmartLogon™

In addition to Active Directory and local access data, SmartLogon™ can also be used to link the access data of Microsoft accounts that provide direct access to Microsoft cloud services. Thus, with the help of the 2-factor authentication solution, different types of accounts can be linked with a token and protected against unauthorized access.

Saves IT administration time and trouble

By splitting ownership and knowledge, the requirements for a PIN need to be less complex than the requirements for a password. So your IT administration is less likely to have to deal with forgotten or mistyped passwords. Plus, SmartLogon™ is a client solution and does not require an elaborate IT infrastructure.

Multi-token capability

SmartLogon™ enables the parallel use of different tokens – even simultaneously on one and the same computer. For example, admin queries can be confirmed by the IT department even during regular operation by the user, without the user having to log off.

Personalized interface for kiosk PCs

Use your token to launch individual programs in the context of your user account. This is especially useful for PCs that are used by several people and that may be located in freely accessible areas (e.g. ward PCs in hospitals or shared PCs in factory halls). In this way, a restricted user can remain logged in at all times, but personalization only takes place when the token is applied. This not only saves time during the logon process, but also allows the application to be closed automatically as soon as the token is removed.

Quickly installed, conveniently rolled out

SmartLogon™ is client-based and is installed on the computers you want to protect from unauthorized access. There are no server components and neither complex IT infrastructures nor directory services are required. For fast and efficient integration of SmartLogon™ into your everyday work, the software supports rollout strategies where it can be installed automatically on designated client computers.

SmartLogon™ – How quickly you protect your PCs from unauthorized access:

Download SmartLogon™
Roll out to devices via software distribution
Set up Security Token
Secure authentication from now on

Installation instructions and Read-Me-First:


Supported operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 7 (from Service Pack 1)
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 11
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Terminal Server Environments:

SmartLogon™ is compatible for use in terminal server environments. It depends on which technology is used to access the terminal servers.
In these cases, please contact to discuss your scenario and system. We will be happy to advise you and help you with the installation in your environment.

System requirements:

SmartLogon™ requires an Open Gl 2.0 compatible graphics card. Furthermore, approx. 60 MB free hard disk space is required. Depending on which token type you want to use, memory for the required middleware and/or an RFID reader based on ISO/IEC 14443, or a contact reader, is also required.

An installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 is required as well as the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 2012 in the bit version of your operating system.

If you have any questions about the system requirements, please feel free to contact our support at

As standard, SmartLogon™ supports the following tokens for authentication (others available on request):

Legic Advant
YubiKey 5
Java Card OS 2.1.1, 2.2+, 3.0.1, 3.0.4
* In conjunction with SmartToken app

The following tokens are now vulnerable and are therefore no longer recommended for use for security reasons, but could be used from a functional point of view: MIFARE Classic, Legic Prime

Installation and rollout:

The SmartLogon™ setup file is a combined installer. It contains the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables 2012, the digitronic® TokenEngine and SmartLogon™. It is an executable file that performs a standardized installation for the use of the MIFARE DESFire token.

Configurable msi packages are available for installation via software distributions, allowing SmartLogon™ to be installed as required by the existing environment.

For more information on installing SmartLogon™, click here.

You can choose the variant that suits you best from the following license types*. You are still undecided which solution is the right one for you? No problem! Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

Single user license:

With the single-user license, we offer a product key (license key) that can be used for activation on any number of systems (depending on the offer). One installation with one (simultaneous) user can be licensed at a time. A transfer of licenses is made possible by uninstallation (incl. deactivation).

Terminal server license:

With the terminal server license there is also a product key which must be generated, however, with the number of users to be logged on simultaneously (depending on the offer). So here concurrent users on one system are licensed.

Floating license:

One copy of the software can be installed on multiple devices. However, only as many software instances can be used simultaneously as there are floating licenses. For verification, the software establishes a connection to the WIBU license server.

Volume License (“Golden Key”):

With the volume license, the actual license is bound to the domain and can thus be used as often as desired. A registry value is then set on the systems themselves, which confirms that a corresponding key has been obtained.

*The minimum order quantity is 5 license activations each. Individual agreements can be made within the scope of project request. Simply contact us.

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