Secure and convenient: 2-factor authentication with SmartLogon™ and YubiKey 5

Our SmartLogon™ 2-factor authentication software works with a wide variety of tokens – Now including Yubico’s YubiKey 5.

2-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit SmartLogon und YubiKey 5

Chemnitz, 09.06.2022

2-Faktor-Authentifizierung mit SmartLogon und YubiKey 5

SmartLogon™ is our specially developed 2-factor authentication solution for SMEs, industry, administrations and authorities, healthcare facilities and many more. User login to the PC and specialist applications is implemented with two factors: Something you know (short PIN) and something you have (Security Token).

There are many options for choosing the right Security Token for your 2-factor authentication – from smartcards or key fobs to USB tokens or your own smartphone. It’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

YubiKey 5 adds to portfolio of supported security tokens

As of now, the YubiKey 5 NFC from the company Yubico also complements our portfolio of supported tokens. This security key for two- and multi-factor authentication protects access to any number of IT systems and online services from unauthorized access. In combination with our software, this can be achieved without the need for certificates or large IT infrastructures (PKI). The key is extremely compact, robust and designed to be kept on your key ring at all times.

We will be happy to find out whether the YubiKey is the right token for you and your IT security project in a non-binding discussion. Please feel free to contact us.

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digitronic at the GISEC 2022 in Dubai

digitronic auf der GISEC 2022 in Dubai

Chemnitz, 25.02.2022

digitronic auf der GISEC 2022 in Dubai

The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) is the Gulf region’s largest cybersecurity forum and has been held annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre since 2013. The event offers IT security professionals from around the world the opportunity to meet with industry experts and explore smart solutions to protect their businesses from ever-increasing cyber-attacks.

digitronic will be present for the second year in a row at the TeleTrusT joint booth in Hall 7 from March 21 to 23. At our booth no. C18-14 we will present our IT security solutions in the areas of 2-factor authentication and data encryption.

We are looking forward to frequent visitors and exciting discussions!


21.03.2022 – 23.03.2022
09:00 am – 5:00 pm


Dubai World Trade Center, Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hall 7, Stand-Nr. C18-14


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Experience IT security up close – at it-sa in Nuremberg

Experience our IT solutions for data security and access protection live and to touch.

Artikelbild it-sa 2021: IT-Security hautnah erleben

Chemnitz, 29.09.2021

Artikelbild it-sa 2021: IT-Security hautnah erleben

it-sa is Europe’s largest trade fair for IT security and one of the most important platforms for solutions in the areas of cloud management, mobile and cybersecurity as well as data and network security worldwide. As a manufacturer of IT security solutions, digitronic cannot be missing!

Visit us from October 12 to 14 at our booth no. 7-312 in hall 7. Try out our 2-factor authentication SmartLogon™ for logging on to operating systems and specialist applications yourself. Test how easy it is to log in using a smartphone as a virtual token.

We are already looking forward to your visit! If you would like to make an appointment in advance, please write to us at vertrieb@digitronic.net. We will be happy to send you a free ticket for your visit to the trade fair.

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Pleasure instead of frustration when authenticating with SmartLogon™ from digitronic

digitronic offers a secure and convenient solution for 2-factor authentication with SmartLogon™.

Grafik SmartLogon

Chemnitz, 08.09.2021

Titelbild SmartLogon

Strong passwords prevent unauthorized persons or hackers from accessing sensitive data. At the same time, such passwords are not easy to remember, multiple mistyping triggers support – so their use is quite time-consuming and frustrating. SmartLogon™ from digitronic is a solution for 2-factor authentication that is as secure as it is simple and can be used in just a few minutes. Users log in here particularly conveniently with a short, easy-to-remember PIN and a security token; if the token is removed, the device locks itself automatically.

Complicated passwords were yesterday

“Thanks to SmartLogon™, complicated passwords are a thing of the past and security is significantly increased,” says Matthias Kirchhoff, Managing Director of digitronic computersysteme gmbh. The client-based 2-factor authentication replaces the Windows PC login on the computers that are to be protected.

At the same time, SmartLogon™ is more than just an authentication solution. The smart software supports various tokens and can be easily integrated into other systems – such as time and attendance or access control systems. Possible tokens include smartcards, USB or Bluetooth tokens, transponders and smartphones. The solution is installed, configured and rolled out centrally to multiple workstations in a matter of minutes. Only minimal administrative effort is required for everything.

Secure access, no matter when or where

“With SmartLogon™, employees can connect via remote desktop from any workstation using their credentials.” This also makes it easy to switch devices and securely access the terminal server from anywhere. In addition, the solution is multi-account capable. By integrating a KeePass plugin, users also get secure SSO for local installations and web portals. The token can also be used to launch personalized individual programs on shared computers.

SmartLogon™ from digitronic can be tested free of charge for 30 days. The hardware for this (SmartCard, reader, etc.) is provided on loan if necessary.

Individual consultation under +49 371 81539-0 or vertrieb@digitronic.net

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digitronic is technology partner of HID Global

Chemnitz, 26.08.2021

For a long time, we at digitronic have relied on HID Global hardware in conjunction with our security software for 2-factor authentication and network drive encryption. With the help of the HID RFID readers, for example, strong authentication on the operating system is realized via two factors in conjunction with the SmartLogon™ software.

Together even stronger
HID Global is the global hardware provider for access protection and secure identities. We are pleased that we are now also officially registered as a technology partner with HID Global and can thus be even closer to the latest developments. We will of course pass on the knowledge gained from this partnership to you and will be happy to advise you on the various options for implementing secure 2-factor authentication. Just get in touch with us.

You can find an overview of all our technology and sales partners here.

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Encryption as a central component of IT security

All too often, the topic of encryption of sensitive data in companies is not or not sufficiently highlighted. Yet data encryption is an important component for establishing confidentiality and the common Windows tools are usually not sufficient to establish adequate protection.

Bild Der verschwundene Tresor

Chemnitz, 20.07.2021

Bild Verschlüsselung als zentraler Bestandteil der IT-Security

Reliable data encryption is more important today than ever before. Especially when teams have to work on highly confidential data in a decentralized manner or across national borders. The increasing outsourcing of work to the home office also makes a rethink of the security structure in companies quite sensible.

In the following, we will look at what is actually meant by confidential data, why simple password protection for confidential files and folders is not enough, what the disadvantages of data encryption with Windows on-board tools are, and what alternatives there are to Windows tools.

What is confidential data anyway?

Basically, confidential data is any information that requires special protection and should not fall into the wrong hands. Here it is important for companies to consider two main aspects: The legal and the economic aspect. From a legal perspective, since the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all personal data is particularly worthy of protection. This means that all employee and customer data must be protected from misuse by law, otherwise there is a risk of high financial penalties.

In purely economic terms, however, there is a great deal of other data that requires special protection because it secures a competitive advantage for the company or contains sensitive company internals, such as:

  • Research and development data
    Grafik Hackerangriff
  • Prototype data
  • construction plans
  • strategic documents
  • Project data
  • Calculations
  • transaction data
  • protocols
  • memos
  • and much more

If confidential information is not adequately protected, in the worst case scenario it can be tapped by hackers – or just as bad, by unauthorized people internally – and fall into the wrong hands.

Password protection for files and folders not secure enough and there is a risk of data loss

Screenshot Arbeitsmappe schützen WindowsIn some companies, confidential information is therefore at least password protected. In the individual Windows applications, this option is usually found under the menu item “File” -> “Information” -> “Protect workbook / document”. However, this protection is very insecure, not very practical and if used incorrectly, there is a risk of data loss, because:

  • Mostly all documents are protected with one and the same password
  • If the password is too simple, it can be easily hacked
  • If the password is too complicated, it can be quickly forgotten and you can no longer open the file

Data encryption with Windows on-board tools not consistent enough

Windows therefore brings yet another way to protect sensitive
Screenshot Verschlüsseln mit Windows-Boardmittelninformation from unauthorized access:

By right-clicking on the corresponding file/folder, you can access the “Attributes” area in the “General” tab via the properties and select the desired compression and encryption attributes there by clicking on the “Advanced” button.

Unfortunately, however, even this variant of data encryption is not consistent enough and bears the risk of data loss, because:

  • The generated key is attached to the account ID of your Windows user account, i.e. the file is encrypted only if you open it from another user account
  • If a hacker (or an unauthorized employee) logs in with your user account, he sees the file in plain text
  • When deleting the user account, the access to the protected files is irrevocably lost, if you have not exported the certificate first

Additional tool for the production of confidentiality

That’s why you can’t avoid using additional tools to adequately protect sensitive information. With the HiCrypt™ encryption solution, for example, you can ensure that only a selected group of people has access to certain data – and that is decoupled from the Windows user profiles. In doing so, HiCrypt™ fully integrates with your familiar Explorer view and runs as an additional network drive alongside your existing ones. By storing data in the HiCrypt™ network drive, the data is automatically encrypted. Access to the protected files is possible from anywhere and in a team. Authorization to view file contents is individually configurable and centrally manageable. Absolutely unique is the clear separation of powers in HiCrypt™ through decoupled access rights. This means that administrators can prepare the drives for encryption, but have no authorization to view the data. This protects them in case of suspicion.

Grafik Funktionsweise HiCrypt
Funktionsweise HiCrypt™

The software is installed in just a few minutes and runs silently in the background. HiCrypt™ is available in the versions “Professional” and “Enterprise Services”. Try HiCrypt™ Professional conveniently for 30 days free of charge or download the fact sheet with further technical information.

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We were at the GISEC 2021 in Dubai

GISEC 2021 live

Chemnitz, 08.06.2021

GISEC 2021 live
Lukas & Matthias Kirchhoff, digitronic computersysteme gmbh

The Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) is the largest cybersecurity forum in the Gulf region and is held annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Together with the two parallel events IoTX and Future Blockchain Summit, it forms Future Technology Week, which is expected to attract around 12,000 visitors.

GISEC offers security professionals from around the world the opportunity to find innovative solutions, share insights with industry experts, and equip themselves with the right tools to protect their businesses from ever-increasing cyber attacks.

We were a part of it last week from May 31 to June 2 and presented our IT security solutions made in Germany at the German Pavilion booth no. SS3-B10-5:

  • SmartLogon™: The convenient and secure way of authentication
  • HiCrypt™: The new generation of data encryption
  • SmartToken: Virtual security token for your smartphone

It was a great time. Many thanks to IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) for organizing the joint booth and thanks to all visitors of our booth for the exciting conversations. We are already looking forward to the next time.

Impressions GISEC 2021

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Work even more flexibly now with new SmartLogon™ release

Your company has various branch offices with their own domains and you want your employees to be able to log in as far as possible everywhere with a uniformly secure and convenient 2-factor authentication? No problem with the release of the new SmartLogon™ version.

Bild SmartLogon Vertrauensstellung Domains

Chemnitz, den 16.04.2021

Bild SmartLogon Vertrauensstellung Domains

With the release of the new SmartLogon™ version, domains that are in a position of trust with others are supported. Thus, even in highly complex IT infrastructures, it is possible to implement logon processes with our convenient 2-factor authentication solution.

Employees at different branch offices with different domains can now use SmartLogon™ to log on securely and conveniently to the operating system or other applications at all (or selected) branch offices – even with offline cached profiles.

Put an end to password frustration when logging in

Strong passwords make it hard for hackers, but create frustration for users and support overhead if mistyped multiple times. SmartLogon™ cleverly solves these problems and ensures fast, secure and convenient logon to endpoints. User login is implemented with two factors: Something you know (short PIN) and something you have (security token). The installation as well as the central rollout to several workstations is done in a few minutes. Integrated session monitoring ensures that device access is blocked as soon as the security token is no longer connected (because the employee has moved away from the device, for example).

Suitable tokens include smartcards, transponders, USB or Bluetooth tokens, and smartphones. Often, existing hardware for e.g. locking systems or time recording systems can also be used. The possibilities here are almost unlimited.

The many additional features of the software – such as KeePass plugin, personalized interface for kiosk PCs or logging function – cover almost every use case in practice and make the solution more than just a secure logon solution.

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New base technology for HiCrypt™

Neue Basistechnologie für HiCrypt

Chemnitz, den 02.03.2021

Neue Basistechnologie für HiCrypt

HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and ensures that only the group of people in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data.

With the new release from January 29 of this year, we have, among other things, integrated a completely newly developed filter driver. This renewal of the basic technology enables us to make further developments even faster and more flexibly in the future and to meet customer-specific requirements even better. HiCrypt™ thus takes the pulse of the times and is ideally equipped for the future.

With the next product release, initial encryption will also be available. This will make it possible to encrypt network drives that have already been filled.

Learn more about our HiCrypt™ encryption solution.

All product releases and the possibility of a test download can be found here.

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