Formal Communication

Digitronic has over 25 years of developing and refining experience when it comes to software solutions for secure communication for authorities and businesses.

In cooperation with the police of Saxony, the software WinTelex EP was developed. It ensures reliable and auditable transmission of messages between police and other public facilities. WinTelex EP is a software specifically designed to fulfill the demands of formal police communications by PDV 810 and 810.1. It offers a wide range of transmission channels, prevents third parties from dialing-in and provides continuous traceability of all actions.

The pKommBox is a preconfigured communication server providing all services of a formal terminal by PDV 810.1. Also, fax and SMS services are integrated in the audit-proof protocol. This makes the everyday life for police work a lot easier and guarantees an audit-proof protocol for all integrated communication channels.

The above-mentioned products are designed under German directives for formal police communication only. If you want to know more about our work for federal and formal communication, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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