Secure Logon™ 2.0

What would happened if a hacker got ahold of your login password and sold your „crown jewels“? Stronger passwords make life hard for hackers, sure, but they also generate frustation among users and increase the effort put into support with repeated typing errors. Secure Logon™ 2.0 solves these challenges easily and effectively.

The solution is a 2-factor-authentication system that provides for user log-in tby combing a security tokens as the first factor with a  PIN as the second factor. It is possible to simultaneously use hardware of any type and number, such as Smartcards, with no limits to their possible uses.


Secure Logon™ 2.0  combines these two factors

Something you know and Something you have –

into an innovative, easy solution!


All advantages at a glance:

  • Modern 2-factor-authentication even without a PKI
  • Ease of operation
  • Ease of logging in to the system
  • Rapid authentication of processes
  • Easy integration – 1 to  1,000 work stations
  • Other identities can be stored on the security token
  • No backdoor guarantee
  • Increased security by bloking or logging the PC off when the security token is removed  
  • Easy unlocking of your KeePass database ("KeePass ready")
  • 25 years of consulting competence
  • Satisfied customers (e.g. automobile industry, machine building etc.)
  • Software Made in Germany


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Further information about Secure Logon™ 2.0

Awards and Prizes

Secure Logon™ 2.0 received thecoveted award BEST OF 2017, which is annually awarded by“Initiative Mittelstand”.
Secure Logon™ 2.0 was nominated for the "Saxon State Prize for Innovation 2017" with a ranking among the top 10.
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