Pleasure instead of frustration when authenticating with SmartLogon™ from digitronic

digitronic offers a secure and convenient solution for 2-factor authentication with SmartLogon™.

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Chemnitz, 08.09.2021

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Strong passwords prevent unauthorized persons or hackers from accessing sensitive data. At the same time, such passwords are not easy to remember, multiple mistyping triggers support – so their use is quite time-consuming and frustrating. SmartLogon™ from digitronic is a solution for 2-factor authentication that is as secure as it is simple and can be used in just a few minutes. Users log in here particularly conveniently with a short, easy-to-remember PIN and a security token; if the token is removed, the device locks itself automatically.

Complicated passwords were yesterday

“Thanks to SmartLogon™, complicated passwords are a thing of the past and security is significantly increased,” says Matthias Kirchhoff, Managing Director of digitronic computersysteme gmbh. The client-based 2-factor authentication replaces the Windows PC login on the computers that are to be protected.

At the same time, SmartLogon™ is more than just an authentication solution. The smart software supports various tokens and can be easily integrated into other systems – such as time and attendance or access control systems. Possible tokens include smartcards, USB or Bluetooth tokens, transponders and smartphones. The solution is installed, configured and rolled out centrally to multiple workstations in a matter of minutes. Only minimal administrative effort is required for everything.

Secure access, no matter when or where

“With SmartLogon™, employees can connect via remote desktop from any workstation using their credentials.” This also makes it easy to switch devices and securely access the terminal server from anywhere. In addition, the solution is multi-account capable. By integrating a KeePass plugin, users also get secure SSO for local installations and web portals. The token can also be used to launch personalized individual programs on shared computers.

SmartLogon™ from digitronic can be tested free of charge for 30 days. The hardware for this (SmartCard, reader, etc.) is provided on loan if necessary.

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