Work even more flexibly now with new SmartLogon™ release

Your company has various branch offices with their own domains and you want your employees to be able to log in as far as possible everywhere with a uniformly secure and convenient 2-factor authentication? No problem with the release of the new SmartLogon™ version.

Bild SmartLogon Vertrauensstellung Domains

Chemnitz, den 16.04.2021

Bild SmartLogon Vertrauensstellung Domains

With the release of the new SmartLogon™ version, domains that are in a position of trust with others are supported. Thus, even in highly complex IT infrastructures, it is possible to implement logon processes with our convenient 2-factor authentication solution.

Employees at different branch offices with different domains can now use SmartLogon™ to log on securely and conveniently to the operating system or other applications at all (or selected) branch offices – even with offline cached profiles.

Put an end to password frustration when logging in

Strong passwords make it hard for hackers, but create frustration for users and support overhead if mistyped multiple times. SmartLogon™ cleverly solves these problems and ensures fast, secure and convenient logon to endpoints. User login is implemented with two factors: Something you know (short PIN) and something you have (security token). The installation as well as the central rollout to several workstations is done in a few minutes. Integrated session monitoring ensures that device access is blocked as soon as the security token is no longer connected (because the employee has moved away from the device, for example).

Suitable tokens include smartcards, transponders, USB or Bluetooth tokens, and smartphones. Often, existing hardware for e.g. locking systems or time recording systems can also be used. The possibilities here are almost unlimited.

The many additional features of the software – such as KeePass plugin, personalized interface for kiosk PCs or logging function – cover almost every use case in practice and make the solution more than just a secure logon solution.

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