New base technology for HiCrypt™

Neue Basistechnologie für HiCrypt

Chemnitz, den 02.03.2021

Neue Basistechnologie für HiCrypt

HiCrypt™ encrypts data on network drives and ensures that only the group of people in possession of the corresponding key can view the confidential data.

With the new release from January 29 of this year, we have, among other things, integrated a completely newly developed filter driver. This renewal of the basic technology enables us to make further developments even faster and more flexibly in the future and to meet customer-specific requirements even better. HiCrypt™ thus takes the pulse of the times and is ideally equipped for the future.

With the next product release, initial encryption will also be available. This will make it possible to encrypt network drives that have already been filled.

Learn more about our HiCrypt™ encryption solution.

All product releases and the possibility of a test download can be found here.

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