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Vaccination centers are currently facing a variety of challenges. We provide support to ensure IT security. Even when things have to happen quickly.

Gefahren im Gesundheitswesen

Chemnitz, den 23.02.2021

Gefahren im Gesundheitswesen

Many vaccination centers are currently faced with the challenge that, due to rotating staff and changing access to workstation PCs, changes to patient or contact person data can be difficult to track. If detailed logging of all processes does take place, then this is usually only possible with a great deal of effort. And especially now, when every second of staff time counts.

Together with our customers in the medical sector, we have therefore developed an instant technical solution that reliably protects confidential patient data, enables employees to log on and off PCs quickly and easily, and ensures the necessary transparency. The solution can be implemented at any number of workstations with little effort and, if necessary, adapted to your individual requirements.

Possible practical scenario:



Employees log on to the PC with an authentication feature (token, e.g. card or chip) and a short PIN. There is no need to enter complex passwords.


The user data is already read in the background during the login process. Depending on the user profile, other applications can be started in addition to Windows authentication.


Each logon process is now logged on the PC and assigned to the corresponding user via the token ID. This means that it is possible at any time to trace who worked on which system and when.


When the token is removed, the PC is automatically locked, the user is logged off, and the logoff process is noted in the log.

We would be happy to discuss with you how a concrete implementation can look for you. Simply arrange a telephone or video conference appointment with our sales team by calling +49 371 81539-0 or sending an e-mail to

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