HiCrypt™ Professional now also with YubiKey 5 NFC

YubiKey für HiCrypt

Chemnitz, 01.10.2020

YubiKey für HiCrypt

The HiCrypt™ Professional security software securely locks confidential digital data – such as project or personal data – in a virtual vault. Only the owner of the “key” can determine who has access to what and change these permissions with just a few clicks. The HiCrypt™ Professional network drive encryption solution also supports collaborative work on encrypted shares, boasts central rollout and management options, and supports company-specific password policies.

The solution already works with many different tokens. As of now, the YubiKey 5 NFC from Yubico can also be used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. Once linked to a user as a trust anchor, this token can be used ad hoc to authenticate against the encrypted share by entering the PIN. Thus, in combination with the HiCrypt™ software, the token offers the security of a complex password and the convenience of a 4-digit PIN at the same time.

Simply follow the instructions described → here to quickly and easily associate the YubiKey with a HiCrypt™ user.

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